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Despite living in the land of all-the-good-eateries, I spend a lot of time cooking nowadays. Evenings are dedicated to cracking out a TV show and watching it whilst preparing dinner (plus extra for a semi-gourmet packed lunch): exciting I know.

I'm hoping to share some of my "own" recipes once my kitchen has been renovated, but until then, here are some of my favourite web-sourced recipes that I like to refer back to after-hours:

Spiced chicken with couscous.
A no-brainer that is perfect for this springtime weather. Light yet filling and it makes a delightfully wholesome lunch as well as an evening meal. I tend to add a toasted pitta bread to beef up the meal if I'm extra hungry or for a post-workout bite. Also, I like to switch out the parsley for coriander because I am WILD like that.


Chicken with sun-dried tomato cream sauce.
I've only made this twice as it isn't such a seasonal recipe but seriously this is AMAZING. The ideal homey recipe to make if you've had a long day as you can whack everything in the pot, get on with your after-work shenanigans and eat. I actually would pop home, swing everything on the cooker and do a few yoga videos, shower and settle down with a small portion of this meal. All the thumbs up!


Hot harissa sea bass.
If there's one thing that is en pointe about food shopping in Hong Kong, it's that the seafood is second to none. When I first spotted this recipe on the Sainsbury's YouTube channel, I knew I needed to try it. I love Moroccan spices and sea bass is one of my favourite fish, so this has quickly become a favourite go-to recipe. I quite like it as a weekend dinner if I have no plans.


Amy's quick and healthy lunch salad.
I'm forever looking for new salad recipes for my lunch box and Amy's one is a new go-to. Admittedly I don't like mushrooms so I replace those with either avocados or another coloured pepper - I adore the grilled aubergine and mangetout, ingredients that I'd never usually throw in a salad but that have changed my (foodie) life.


Sarah's butternut squash and feta lasagne.
Finally, I couldn't finish up a recipe-of-the-Internets post without my literal all-time favourite. Sarah's butternut squash and feta lasagne recipe. I haven't rustled this one up in a while but y'know, feta is a lil bit springtime related. I honestly think I went for about 2 months solidly batch-cooking this for work lunches!



  1. I LOVE these types of posts so much! I really like the sound of the chicken and sundried tomato cream sauce! Delish! x

    Sarah //

  2. Honestly I used to make it every single weekend, pop in Tupperware boxes and take them for weekday work lunches!

  3. Thanks Sarah! Yes that one is amazing (: I reckon you'd like the harissa sea bass one too!


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