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14 more writing prompts.
A new season brings a new set of writing prompts! I write approximately 30,000 words outside of my blog – I’m a fashion writer by day! – and one of my most frequently asked questions is how I manage to come up with new post ideas. Honestly? They just pop into my head. My blog has been the one consistent thing in my life for 5 years and creating content is my day job too: content ideas just come naturally to me.

With all that in mind plus I guess many people have holidays and weekends-away planned much like me, here are some new blog post prompts just for you! No small print, I won’t come and permanently borrow your Instagram-famous puppy or anything ;)
  • Choose a word and write about how it makes you feel. Some of my upcoming words are: balance, opportunity, trust, and new.
  • Dear Me. An open letter to your younger self.
  • Surprise a loved one! And document it!
  • Write an ode to your most-carried handbag essential.
  • Turn your May Favourites post into a Day In Photos post – or vice versa.
  • Make a line drawing map of your favourite places to eat in your hometown or local city. Sometimes the smaller towns and cities are all too easily overlooked.
  • Share 5 things you learned this week/month.
  • Rework your monthly Instagram round-up into a fairytale (like I did here), a comedy, a fantasy, a horror… You get the idea. I mean, you could even make it a manga if you’re an illustrator!
  • Take a selfie. Just one. Upload it and write 100 words about your day. Only 100 words.
  • Share your blogging space(s). Forever curious about this one!
  • “How I Brew Tea” – a controversial one!
  • Choose a colour and write a short list of all the things, ideas and emotions it evokes for you.
  • Devote one day of your weekend to exploring somewhere new and take lots of photographs, then share them with fairytale-style captions.
  • Passionate about… toast? Dessert? Soft serve ice cream? Write a top 5 about the best variations.


  1. These are such creative ideas!! I love. *casually bookmarks for later....* ;)

    xx Alyssa — fragments of memories

  2. I'm always intrigued to know what people's blogging spaces look like. I haven't quite found the perfect spot myself yet.

    Rachel |

  3. great prompts. I have always wanted to be a writer and over time, I noticed I wrote less as I got more involved in other things that distracted me from writing. I definitely want to "return to my roots" so I can get back to what I really love. =)


  4. Thanks Alyssa! Don't forget to pop me a link so I can read the posts!

  5. I think I'll share mine later this summer once my bout of visitors have gone!

  6. Thanks Nancy! I think it's worthwhile writing to prompts sometimes, even if no-one reads the work you've created. Sometimes that's what it takes to get you back on track!

  7. How I brew tea is properly on my list now xxxxxx

  8. YASSSSS. Legit can't wait to read!


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