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An open letter to my younger self.
Dear Michelle,

You’re eighteen and you’re, thus far, the only person at college not to celebrate turning so by going out on a Thursday night to Chicago Rock CafĂ©. It’s okay though. You’re super nervous about the huge dinner party your parents have thrown you (you’re secretly excited for the heart-shaped cake and to watch dramas as soon as you get home). You’re worried that you’ve somehow slipped into six separate friendship groups and that at the dinner, people won’t know each other and it’ll get awkward. (It does and it’ll continue like that for the next 6 years, btw.) Moreover, you’re secretly sad that he never showed.

You’re eighteen and you’ve just finished up University applications. Selling yourself in X characters or less is not your forte. No-one believes you when you tell them you’ll be studying fashion journalism in September. In fact, you know you caught that girl whispering, “fashion journalists are usually cool, right? She wears glasses,” it’s okay, one day you’ll love wearing glasses and that girl will spend 5 out of 7 days lurking your LinkedIn profile.

Once you get to University, you’ll feel even more wildly out of your comfort zone. But that’s your chance to be the person you want to be. Take baby steps towards being someone with a smidge more confidence – mate, at this point, anything is an improvement, confidence wise. You’re going to meet flatmates that you’ll make crazy, hilarious, sad, ridiculous and treasured memories with. That girl who you suspect is from the same area as you? Be brave and chat: she’s going to be your sister-from-another-mister friend who leaves Uni but remains in your life over six years later.

When you're secretly worried because your flatmates tell you you'll never get a job with your 'Mickey Mouse degree' (c'mon, they study even more ridiculous subjects and industries), just know that somehow things will fall perfectly in place. More perfect than you could imagine. Keep doing what you're doing, don't hesitate to create that blog because it'll do wonders in the future.

Yes, there's more to life than watching anime on a Saturday night and squirrelling hours away to reading about cultural theory, but you'll realise that a) your interests will prevail, and b) once the degree is in the bag you won't have, like, anything to do. So what if it's been a year and you're still nowhere near over him? Lemme warn you that he'll pop up out of nowhere on the day you print and bind your 15,000 words about the fashion journalism landscape, and also on the day you move home. Somehow you'll end up bound together again, just the two of you, always wondering and never knowing.

Did you know? When you're 23 and deciding to have the best of your life, you'll spontaneously book holidays and weekends away with new and old friends. You'll realise that playground arguments are just that. You'll reconnect with your two best friends and one of them is going to get engaged!! Aside from that, you're going to strike your luckiest match yet - you'll apply to ONE overseas job. And get it.

So Michelle, don't sweat it. Don't worry about the pressures of being '18'. Go to work even if it's forcibly so. Cherish those family evenings in even if everyone thinks they're uncool. There's no place like home. Work hard and play harder. No matter how hard you want things to work out right now, they won't. But they will eventually fall into place 7 years later.

Love, Michelle x


  1. Loved reading this Michelle!

    Sophie x | SophiesMakeupBlog

  2. Love this post, its nice to have an insight on how far you've come and you've done really well! I hope you did work on your confidence and realise what a lovely human you are :-)
    Arora x

  3. this is so lovely <3 might will try to write similar one!


  4. Great idea for a post. And too right about all the 'mickey mouse' comments - always best to ignore those!

    Rachel |

  5. So cute! I was looking forward to turning 18 ten years ago - time goes by so fast! x

  6. Love this! I can't believe how different 18yo Mish was from the girl I now know. You're really the best - no matter your age!

    - Elodie x

  7. Aw I loved this post Michelle! You've done so well and are such an inspiration :) so happy things did fall into place for you - 18 year old Mish sounded like a dreamer with such determination, it certainly paid off!

    I am planning a post like this too but I have a very specific date in mind for publication - still some months to go... xx

  8. Thanks Arora! Was quite fun to write actually (: I think my confidence has definitely come on leaps and bounds. What a lovely, lovely comment. THANK you <3

  9. I spotted a couple doing the rounds a couple of weeks ago and knew I wanted to do the same! Thanks Rachel! x

  10. Waaa Elodie :'( miss you girl xx

  11. I loved reading this post, it shows how much things change and how it always gets better - opportunities are just around the corner!
    As I'm 18 now, it really made me think about what I'll be doing in 6 years time... maybe I'll be writing a post like yours myself :) X

  12. Such a good post, and its one of my pet peeves when people have the cheek to belittle a wow...

    Annabel ♥
    Mascara & Maltesers

  13. Aweee thank you so much - this comment made me smile!! I'm still a dreamer with determination ;) onwards and upwards to another 6 years!

  14. Thank you Lucy! I think it's something I "needed" to write and remind myself how far I've come. There's always something amazing around the corner if you try hard enough. Oh to be 18! Enjoy every moment lovely!

  15. Thanks Annabel! One of the people that did studied Comedy. That's all I'm saying ;)

  16. Ah Mish this made me feel a bit emotional. You're totally winning at life - your 18 year self would be proud you're kicking butt!

  17. Such a great post Mish! Hindsight is such a great thing, you've come so far!

    Lizzy from Nomad Notebook


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