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April things.
  1. Spring blooms.
  2. Matcha lattes sipped whilst playing Pokemon Omega Ruby.
  3. White tee, black lace bra, boyfriend jean and slip-ons outfits.
  4. Finally starting Suits and Once Upon A Time! (goodbye life)
  5. Bayside walks.
  6. 3am Skype calls with my family.
  7. My new baby blue duster jacket.
  8. Pink lips for spring!
  9. Afternoons spent with a book and a quiet iPod playlist listened to through really good headphones.
  10. Having holiday and visitor plans in the diary.


  1. sounds like April is treating you wonderfully! The blossom on the trees and sunshine is definitely making my month xx

    Ioanna |

  2. Lovely things! I love pink lips for spring x

    Sophie | SophiesMakeupBlog

  3. such a beautiful list, love it <3

  4. MICHELLE! I started Once Upon a Time a couple of weeks ago and it is SO GOOD!!!! You're gonna love it!

    - Elodie x

    PS - Forever jealous of your point and shoot camera. Why don't we get cute things here?!!! Although I was looking to get an Instax for summer and found this in my local technology shop. I'm ashamed to say i'm tempted...

  5. Wow, that's a big picture! Feel free to delete this comment if that's not very aesthetically pleasing to you. I won't blame you! Haha! x

  6. Suits is so brain consuming i'm dying but it's everything gooooodddd. try Penny Dreadful and Arrow! matcha lattes <3


  7. GOD that camera is cute! Love this post <3 Shabna xxx

  8. It's been so lovely! Getting so hawt here in Hong Kong already (:

  9. Me too! It's the only time that I feel like I can justify wearing pink lips hahah~

  10. It's taking a while to get into but so many people rave about it!

  11. I almost bought that but didn't "need" another Instax camera really ;)

  12. Omg yes, brain consuming is the correct phrase!


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