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Filmed some more. You can subscribe to my fledging little channel here!
As soon as I'd decided to try out the video world, I knew I wanted to create video lookbooks. They're easily some of my favourite to watch but, woah, kudos to anyone who regularly posts them! This n00bie attempt took me the better part of a slightly sweaty afternoon to film on my own, tucked up in my apartment. And so much getting changed was involved!

A long story cut short, I went shopping to replenish my capsule wardrobe of the jumpers and winter nonsense hanging around, and instead of chat about what I bought, I wanted to show how I'll probably be dressing for all of April and beyond. I'm seriously in love with my powder blue duster and with my first ever midi skirt. This marks the end of spending frivolously for a while, for me. Watch this space though because I have one more extravagant buy up my sleeve and then I promise that is IT.

Enjoy, like and subscribe! ♥ Bisous.


  1. you did such a great job with this!! i like all the outfits, they suit you so well. and I'm intrigued to see what your "extravagance" is... ;) x

    Miho @ Wander to Wonder

  2. I think you did a great job for a first timer. Love that pleated skirt.

    Currently Rachel x

  3. Thank you Miho! I'm fairly happy with this vid but want to make an even better lookbook next month (: eek I'm so excited to pick it up! I'm such a ridiculous shopper xD


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