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Daisybutter - Hong Kong Lifestyle and Fashion Blog: adidas, Nike, Lulu Lemon wishlist

Little things of note on my workout wishlist. Sadly you heard me correctly...
And now for something completely different! Since getting into the whole fitness and improved health thing, I find myself lurking sportswear realms much more often than before. I dutifully send a snap over to Sophia and then dither for 10 minutes before also dutifully clicking ‘Checkout’.

Currently I need to build up my light gym work and running kit. This means cropped leggings with invisible zip pockets to put my keys in, loose-but-not-too-loose tops with mesh panels for comfort and lightweight jackets that don’t scream ‘my Mum bought me this for P.E.’ I'm also building up quite the trainer repertoire - not only for running and hiking, but also because Hong Kong living literally requires it. There is no place steeper than HK Island...!

Additionally I'm hunting down super lightweight and breathable tank tops because it's already getting humid and warm here and no-one needs to see that combined with my post-run state ;)
  1. Eulampis 2 Shoes, £140, adidas.
  2. Run Seven Eighth Tights, £75, Stella McCartney for adidas.
  3. Nike Pro Core Compression Indy Polka Square Sports Bra, $259, Nike.
  4. Flow Y Bra IV, £38, Lulu Lemon.
  5. Printed Panel Vest, £12, F&F Active.
  6. Bobble Sport.
What are you hankering for at the moment?

Disclaimer: Not a sponsored post and I couldn't find any affiliate links!


  1. I can totally relate when you say HK = trainers are a necessity! When I went back at Christmas I literally lived in them - and at times when I didn't wear them my feet were in PAIN (whether they were flats or ankle boots!) I actually got some casual sports gear when Alexander Wang collaborated with H&M. Sportswear is turning très chic!

  2. I think I need that Lulu Lemon sports bra!

    Sophie x | SophiesMakeupBlog

  3. I bought my first proper trainers in HK like 4 years ago - Adidas High tops, because I saw everyone in them and I just had to have them too. Unfort, they're really uncomfortable so I rarely wear them but have made up for it with a million other pairs of Nikes. Oh god - who knew we would get so into trainers! Also, the amount of couples I would see wearing those JSxAdidas trainers with the great big teddies stuck to the front......!!!

  4. You do so much more walking around and when you are out you tend to stay out for the whole day so its worth investing in a few pairs of trainers for different uses! Can't believe how much cheaper they are over in America. Hubby brought a pair for around £55 over there and they were sold here for just over £100!!! x

  5. My current workout wishlist mostly involve me actually getting some fitness milestones in. Pretty hard when you're as athletically challenged as I am.

    That Nike Sports Bra is so cute, but to pay that much? I'll stick to the H&M ones.

  6. Love that Lulu Lemon sports bra! I feel like I just couldn't justify spending that much on a sports bra though x

  7. I'm so with you on this one - I check out new sportswear way more than any other clothes at the moment! haha That Lulu Lemon sportsbra is a thing of beauty, though. x

  8. I always forget how much walking and about the steep hills! But yes, my trainer repertoire is slowly building and I love it!

  9. I think you do too! It's super pretty!

  10. I'm still a newbie to trainer buying. I really want a pair of New Balance like yours actually, they're super popular here in Hong Kong so I'm imagining them to be the comfiest trainer in existence.

  11. Definitely! Ah I think trainers are more expensive in HK if anything - sucks :P x

  12. I've actually reached my milestones, surprisingly! Hoping to hit a few more with the assistance of the above pieces. I've never found any better sports bra than my Nike ones (:

  13. I spend a little more on mine as they're a little more specialist than other pieces! I'd rather splurge on a bra and skimp on tops for example!

  14. It's surprisingly addictive! Yasss, it's so pretty right?


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