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A week of work insanity, down time and heating up.
一. Having missed last week’s weekend catch-up, I realised just how much I like writing these. It’s so good for remembering things by week – and we all know how forgetful I am! In related news, I’ve spent this weekend half outdoors basking in the humidity and half cooped up trying to get my life organised again. Yesterday I visited the Hong Kong Botanical and Zoological Gardens and marvelled at this kinda hidden spot in Central where you can hang out with monkeys, tortoises and flamingos for no money at all. So much fun and the gardens were beautiful. Then we went to The Point in Causeway Bay and had truffle fries and a Parma ham and fig pizza. Yasss.

二. I woke up on Friday, went to charge my iPod Touch and, all of a sudden, it wiped it back to factory settings! Hi Apple, we’re really really not friends right now. However it did mean I got to start afresh and make a more concise edit of my iTunes, silver linings and all that! Is there a greater feeling that having an organised iTunes library? (Maybe not-having-everything-wiped…) Also, in Kpop world, CLC finally debuted and I am SO obsessed with PEPE!!

三. I’m currently planning a wardrobe overhaul as the heat sets in here in Hong Kong. Can’t cope with this humidity man. Currently I’m envisioning little smock dresses and boots, high neck tanks and A-line skirts with girly girly sandals, and little self-cropped tees with boyfriend jeans. Pray for Mish.

四. This week I’ve noticed lots of you commenting that you’re planning to visit or come back to Hong Kong soon! How exciting! I’m hoping to share a collective ‘Monthly Vlog’ or something soon plus lots of restaurant, street food and photo diaries that I just haven’t had time to edit. But yes, please feel free to email me if there are things you’d particularly like posts about.

五. Finally, my HK giveaway is finally up! I have a whole bunch of gifts for one lucky winner including my favourite snacks, adorable candles, Asian beauty products and stationery. I’m also going to be adding bonus gifts in the mix and potentially adding a runner-up as it’s had such a great response so far! Don’t forget to get involved here (:

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  1. it's getting really humid here in KL too, it irritates me haha. thanks for sharing your week x

  2. I'm coming to KL pretty soon to see my family! ^^

  3. This humidity! I've started making a pile of my jumpers that I might send home already. Won't be needing them anymore!

  4. i want to hang out with flamingos! how do you find these places??? i deffo need to go explore properly as always to go the same old same old places lol thankies for mention ^^ <3

  5. It's crazy, right?! I'm sad to be retiring the knits already but so excited to soak up some Vitamin D hahah (:

  6. I'm forever lost, Nicol! You're more than welcome dear, really enjoying reading your blog recently ^^ and you'll have to let me know when you're in HK so I can force you to buy all the things. I'll swap you a flamingo sighting ;)

  7. Omg CLC! They're such cute girls... Was so anticipating their debut. Yes their song is sooo catchy!! And one of the girls is only 16/17? Wow.... So impressive!

    Connie from theconbonz

  8. Good on you for writing one to five in Chinese! :D Sorry for the comment spam - I'm trying to do a little catch up on blogging hahahaha x


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