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Daisybutter - Hong Kong Lifestyle and Fashion Blog: DIY Harry Potter decoration

A pretty damn awesome present from my friend Erin. Tutorial here.
Nothing astounds me more than the kindness and thoughtfulness of fellow bloggers. Every day I feel grateful and bewildered for the friends I've made since starting up this little site. When I moved here to my dinky little apartment in Hong Kong, the ever-lovely Erin sent me the sweetest housewarming gift - this wooden Hogwarts hanging heart.

Like jeez, I seriously regret not bringing my DVDs and book collection with me. I have the most insane Harry Potter memorabilia collection and I'm so sad I had to leave it all behind, but with this hanging heart I get to build up another collection! Hi, I'm an obsessed Hufflepuff. Did I just lose coolness points for admitting to being a Hufflepuff? I don't care, I'm loyal to my clan.

Erin posted a DIY tutorial of how she made this hanging heart and it looks relatively simple if any of you want a go! Head over to her blog here (: she also posts regular fandom DIYs and runs a pretty awesome shop that I've bought from many a time.


  1. Wow that Hogwarts hanging heart is amazing!!! :D I also am a huge Harry Potter fan!!! So if you wanna borrow any Harry Potter DVDs/ books - please let me know! I'm always happy to lend them to you :) x

  2. Ah that's so kind of you Shelley! I might have to take you up on that offer!

  3. Ahh so amazing! Also, Hufflepuff's are awesome, definitely not uncool! xx

  4. Nothing uncool about being Hufflepuff! Love the tutorial, I might give it a go some time x

  5. Hufflepuffs are the best IMO ;)

  6. Hufflepuff pride! Ooh yes definitely - and don't forget to show Erin and I how it turns out!


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