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Daisybutter - Hong Kong Lifestyle and Fashion Blog: IFC Mall Chinese New Year 2015
Find the beauty in the everyday mundane. Issue One.
In the vein of posts by Bee and Katy that I adore reading – btw Bee, I found myself lurking in 2011 like a creep again last night – I knew instantly that today I wanted to pare things back and note down a few of my little happy things.
  • Cherry blossoms, faux or real, being everywhere in Hong Kong. Next year I am determined to spend cherry blossom season in Japan, but for now I adore the beautiful decor in every mall in this perfect city. I think they'll forever remind me of my first Chinese New Year away from home.
  • Air-con marketing scents in malls. I’m borderline obsessive about spending time in IFC Mall.
Daisybutter - Hong Kong Lifestyle and Fashion Blog: planter ideas, ceramic planter
  • Seeing my houseplants blossom at home.
  • Listening to my iPod library in its entirety on shuffle and not having to skip a song.
Daisybutter - Hong Kong Fashion and Lifestyle Blog: what I wore, hong kong fashion blogger, chloe baylee
  • It being no-tights weather already.
  • Savouring being praised for being kind and witty. Apparently the latter does happen sometimes! ;)
  • Sims 4. I’m not sorry, nonono.
  • Realising your best friends are even best-er from nearly 6,000 miles away. Insane postcards and belated birthday mail from home are the best surprise to get home to.
Daisybutter - Hong Kong Lifestyle and Fashion Blog
  • Knowing that an impulse decision to move paid off when you spend Friday lunches assigning Sailormoon characters, choosing anime sidekicks and accidentally dressing like a girl band with your colleagues.
  • … Being offered a job at ELLE Magazine HK and despite not taking it feeling back on track, career wise.
Daisybutter - Hong Kong Lifestyle and Fashion Blog
  • Good hair days.
  • The weekend city skyline at sunrise. And being awake in mornings in general.
  • When things fall into place all on their own. Hindsight is beautiful.
  • Finishing pages in my scrapbook.


  1. I really want to play Sims4 but I think I won't ever leave the house if I do start!!! I have no self control therefore...not going to buy it! (no no no!)

  2. Aww, love this! <3 x

  3. You got offered a job at Elle and you're in a position to knock it back? GO YOU! You and your colleagues are all so cute haha.

  4. "Air-con marketing scents in malls. I’m borderline obsessive about spending time in IFC Mall."

    Enough said really hahahah, sophia x

  5. I say borderline when I really mean 'I crossed that line ages ago and don't know how to admit it' ;)

  6. Um so massive well done on the ELLE offer (taking it or not it's still amazing). Wish it was no tights weather here now, so many good outfits, too much cold. x

  7. I've had to actually make plans so that I don't waste my existence on there - so addictive!

  8. Indeed! It was the best thing ever but I think I made a good decision ^^

  9. Eeek thanks! It took everything in me to keep it quiet but actually now I think I made the right decision (:

  10. WHATTTTT - you are already wearing so little in March!! I'm still wearing tights and long sleeves...LOL a big heads up, the summer here in Hong Kong is extremely humid which I really hate. xx

  11. I wish it was no tights weather in London! Even if it looks like the sun is out and the weather is (moderately) warm... it is all a lie!! It's still so cold... the sun is deceiving.
    Congrats on the job offer... even if you didn't take it up it's still an achievement getting an offer!

  12. Haha only because it was so hot last week! I'm back in tights and jumpers this week ;)

  13. Oh gosh the darn UK weather :p I almost booked a flight to come back for Easter actually. Eek thanks Kylie - it's certainly made me feel more positive about my future!

  14. Love you longtime xxxxxxxxxx


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