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I dipped my toe into the vlogging world! (Hong Kong, March 2015)
Happy Sunday!

As promised, I filmed some snippets from my weekends this March in a bid to do more, document more and remember more. Sophia and I did lots of laughing, walking and attempting to do well at life. We went to Tai O, the Science Museum, ate fish and chips and hung out at the beach. And actually, it wasn't all as awkward as I imagined it to be! Kudos to anybody that vlogs because the editing for this bad boy was somethin' else...! So here's to more vlogging and adventuring next month (: I promise I'll remember to film more but Instagram comes more naturally to me.

Love you all lots ♥


  1. The Science Museum looks fun and educational!
    The cat at 2:24 looks he's praying :P Cute!
    Anyway, keep up the vlogging! You're doing
    great c: Xx

  2. It was fun! Kinda aimed at kids though ;) thanks Mei, hopefully I'll remember to film more next month!


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