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A list: 20 Things About Being In Your 20s.
  1. Ice cream is an acceptable meal when you’re too tired to adult.
  2. ‘Being a cynic’ is a free gift they give you when you join the Twenties club.
  3. You will never feel like a grown-up adult. (Because there are multiple types of the A word.)
  4. The petrol game is still a) fun, b) a challenge, and c) a nightmare. Lovely penny-bearing strangers, where do you all come from? I love you.
  5. You will regularly switch between the thoughts: ‘Sleep is for the weak’ and ‘Sleeping for a week’.
  6. You’ll wish you could have studied Marathon TV as a degree. Who knew one day you’d sit for 8 hours on end and stare at a screen instead of beg your Mum to let you ‘play out ‘til 9pm’? (Moreover, HOW did I stay out in British parks ‘til 9pm?!)
  7. Coffee is not a luxury, it is an AM necessity. Cappuccinos are now one of your five a day.
  8. That age-old mantra of ‘old enough to know better, young enough not to care’ is so true. And you’re sorry daily for being a clichΓ©.
  9. Daily victories now include remembering to buy milk before arriving home, squeezing one more MTR/tube journey out of your Octopus/Oyster card and finding the perfect kinda-casual-but-okay-for-work top that also allows easy bra-removal through the sleeves. Oh yeah I went there.
  10. Yes, your friendship circle will diminish but the ones that remain are the ones who held your hair back, saw you faceplant in the snow and who know your ‘new dramatic story’ before you even picked up the phone to tell them.
  11. You’ll still spend Sunday mornings in bed dropping your phone on your face and therefore nose-Tweeting odd characters multiple times. Sunday morning markets with a bagel, fresh coffee and fresh flowers? I think those are a urban myth.
  12. Brunch really is the greatest thing on Earth once you’re done nose-Tweeting.
  13. It is fairly likely that you’ll spend the majority of your time with your friends dissecting semi-average dates and discussing the ideal text-back time window, just like when you were 15.
  14. In a similar vein, there are now no boundaries at all with your friends. None.
  15. The words ‘investment pieces’ have never been uttered so much in your life yet your wardrobe is still filled to the brim with nothing to wear. You decide the capsule wardrobe is another urban myth.
  16. When times get tough, instead of sorting out your problems, you will probably end up playing Sims 4 until 4am.
  17. Hosting dinner parties is the best thing since time began. Friends, food AND it takes you 0 minutes to get home.
  18. You often wonder/worry if your got-it-together-already friends live in a parallel universe and contemplate daily about getting a kitten/puppy/parrot/Sea Monkey to accompany you through your attempts at life.
  19. You’ll realise you’re suddenly part of the generation that supposedly over-achieves and over-exerts but somehow you still can’t decipher what that WhatsApp message means – or worse, what the two blue ticks sans reply means.
  20. Literally no-one else knows what they’re doing either, it’s all good.


  1. I've literally just found a new love for dinner parties too. And a good brunch is so underrated!

    Annabel ♥
    Mascara & Maltesers

  2. I can relate to so much of this haha and I'm not quite in my twenties yet! Nearly there though and I'm kind of excited to be honest - most people tell me I'm crazy when I sat that but I'm often told that I act older than a teenager so it would be nice to not be a teenager haha.. x

    Charlotte / Colours & Carousels

  3. Aww savour those pre-20s years Charlotte! It's a messy spiral downwards thereafter ;)

  4. this post deserves an amen. especially number 7, you're speaking to my soul. 19 and 20! imo it's great to be clueless and learn something along the process instead of pretending to be an smart adult. i kind of think that's one of the important thing. the joy of being curious and finding the answer.


  5. Haha "sleep is for the weak" when it's 1am and "sleep for a week" when my alarm goes off at 6.30! I had three coffees today and ended up face planting on my bed and falling asleep at 5pm anyway...

  6. Haha I was nodding along to all of these! 100% on point Michelle, especially the Sunday mornings one...I can count on one hand how many times I've achieved the fresh coffee and brunch! xx

  7. Hahahaha. These are brilliant. And so true. This has made my tuesday a little brighter. So thank you! 😊😊

  8. Yay I'm glad!! And yes, clueless and still learning is the joy of being in your 20s!

  9. Thanks my lovely! Me too ;) all those pretty Sunday mornings on Instagram are a mythical fable to me. I have an intense love affair with my duvet and as many gadgets as I can grab that still have charge!

  10. Haha No 11 made me majorly laugh out loud - basically me every Sunday! Xx

  11. That nose-Tweet! *shakes fist*


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