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11 Prompts and Ways to Approach Lifestyle Posts
… Hey. So the so-called "final" post in my January ‘Blogging with Daisybee’ series seemed to go down well and with the winter slump well and truly getting us all in the area, I thought I’d sneak in another post along the same lines.

Lifestyle blogging is, without sounding like a tool, the most natural thing. The way I see and execute it is that I document my life as it happens. No pre-empted ‘ooh will someone be there to photograph my outfit?’ thoughts, simple. While I honestly have never had to sit and think ‘man, I have no blog post ideas’, I often get emails from people asking for tips to get started with post ideas. So here we go:
  • Share your to-do list and a snap of how you plan to go about it. Time to sharpen up those flatlay skills!
  • On a health kick? How about sharing your 3 (or more) meals from the day and the recipes?
  • Write a post all about the last photograph you took on your phone.
  • In a similar manner, tag another blogger to do the same. Or better yet, collab and write a very-short story on each others’ last photo.
  • Tell me about your favourite school memory.
  • Daydreamer? Write a little piece about a daydream and add a photograph. Blog posts don’t always have to make sense to everyone.
  • Reformat your day trip photo diary to haiku or sonnet form!
  • Make a seasonal to-do list like mine here.
  • Make a stop-motion video of how you honestly pack your bag to go out. The reality show version of a What’s In My Bag.
  • Take a breather from the long posts and challenge yourself to create one awesome blog post with just 1x photo and 25x words.
  • Create a 5-stop guide to your favourite restaurants, shops, places, etc.


  1. Nice post - love your blog!

    Have nominated you for the Versatile Blogger award and posted a link to your Bloglovin account.

    See here:

    Yvonne x
    PS: look forward to hearing from you.

  2. There are some great little ideas here! Adding some of these to my list of posts for days when inspiration fails me.

  3. Loved this post - really original ideas! x

  4. We really like you post, we totally agree with your ideas! Come and check out our adventures in Paris at

  5. Love this, I am in need of some inspiration!

    Maria xxx

  6. great post! these are some really good ideas!



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