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Being a sassy independent nobody. Or something like that.

Number one on the list of Mish’s FAQ’s is always, ‘aren’t you lonely?’, which seems a little rude but it’s kinda expected given my hermit status and all. I thought I’d touch upon this taboo subject because while I find it a pretty standard concept, it’s probably fairly easy to feel isolated in a world that is moving faster than most people can keep up with.

Firstly, a note because I realise you probably don’t even know me (or maybe you hide out on my Twitter which basically means you can see inside my head). I’m very much an introvert, independent to a fault and I quite often experience social anxiety. My friends all come from different pools of friends. I live alone in a country hundreds of miles away from where my family live and I’m single – again.

There’s a common misconception that you have to be settled, with 2.5 children and 1.5 dogs, surrounded by friends who are equally as successful as you ‘should’ be and who you regularly go out for ‘dinner and drinks’ with. That’s apparently what twenty-somethings do.

But there’s also something to be said about being a twenty-something and being okay with on-your-own-ness. Because if you can’t rely on yourself, who can you rely on? (Aside from Dad, because he is a trooper for all those times he waited for me at 2am outside bars and clubs. Chinese Dad times.) I would say I spend about 40% of my time alone nowadays. I like to use my alone time to improve skills, like cooking – surprisingly gratifying once you get the hang of a recipe and it tastes good, not just edible – video editing, yoga which is my new love, have a thoughtful shop, etc. It’s perfectly fine to do these things on your own.

You’re not alone if you’re working towards something and especially in the modern-age with social media and all. I often have a little scroll through Twitter to feel like I’m surrounded by friends – sorry, cheesy – and there will always be a way of being around people. By and large, I’m alone but loneliness isn’t directly connected to that.

On another similar note, I actually I touched on my whole ‘bridal party worry’ thing the other week on here. But seriously though, how does one have a bridal party when her best friends are all separate best friends who don’t know each other?


And on a sidenote: I'm so sorry for being MIA on here. My MacBook is currently being a diva and not connecting to WiFi and so I have about 14 blog posts and 2 videos ready and waiting, but no means to share them! Get ready for chatter, a Project Life scrapbook update, my fitness routine update, the return of an old blog series and more! (All about the Blogger phone app posting... not.)


  1. asdfjkdsa i was talking about the same thing with friends on path over the whole sunday. i think commonly in asia the community/neighborhood kind of shaming on those who prefer to be alone as if it's an unhealthy thing. i'm like??? hello, alone does not mean lonely tbh. alone means i can go everywhere without having anyone nag to go into every shop at the mall, can stay forever in the library, or simply eating my huge bowl of bingsoo alone ((no, it's not for share)). it's okay to be alone. but then again, at times you need friend/family, they'll be there for you.

    ((i'm kind of aware that i don't make sense fml but i hope the message come across))


  2. I know exactly how you feel about all of this. My parents and even other people always comment on how I should get out more and socialise and whatnot. Sometimes I do miss it and you do end up missing out on stuff, but sometimes I know I would be terrible company if I felt forced to go out and 'have fun' just because. Being a hermit myself, I feel like we are shamed a lot by others about wanting to be alone 'so much' - and I think it's not fair.

  3. I hear ya. I love alone time but equally love spending time with friends - different groups of friends too as they ALL share different interests. I.e. those who I can have a coffee with and bond over Art, others where I can talk about blogging and then others who are keen shoppers (Miss you Mish haha) So glad you were able to post this Mish - had started to miss your regular posts!

  4. This made me smile - I love my introverted moments. And I use my alone time to be productive about things I've chosen to try forward this year, such as my website and deepening my spiritual understanding. I'd rather do that sometimes than force myself to go out and actually be lonely in a crowd of people.

    PS: I'm 23 and my Dad still regularly waits outside bars for me at ridiculous hours/ferries me to and from places/responds to my SOS 'oh shit I broke my car calls' ;) Dads FTW

  5. I wouldn't mind living by myself. After spending so much time with a large family I'd love to have a place to myself. I'm such an introvert too and social media and blogs have been fun friends for me too. Glad I didn't miss many of your posts since I've been away.

  6. I know how it feels. I'm definetely an introvert, but sometimes I can't live without communication. But for the most part I'm bored with all people around me & i I feel awkward and cunfused.. i think i'm way too shy sometimes


  7. I walk a weird line between craving human interaction and being completely overwhelmed by it, I guess I am just odd! ;)

    Maria xxx

  8. I know exactly what you mean, I much prefer my own company. And as lonely as that sounds, I often feel I need to 're-charge my batteries' after being surrounded by lots of people.I think this is a concept extroverts just do not understand. As much as you and I cannot understand how someone can feel 'a buzz' being in a crowded area with so many people. x


  9. I very much know how you feel. Love the part about social media, so true, feel the same way about that hihi! Really love these personal posts, you are so good in writing things/thoughts down, I wish I could write like you! xx


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