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1. Hello! Is this awkward yet? If there’s one thing I’ve learnt from being MacBook-less, it’s that I miss blogging so much. I’m currently posting this with Instagram photos and from my tablet so please excuse any dodgy formatting. I should have my MacBook fixed tonight though – fingers crossed!

2. So February has so far consisted of putting off the food shop (15 days and counting!), meeting a new guy who was endlessly cute and charming, ending things with said guy, going to a concert on my own, discovering some HG beauty products and discovering even more new food haunts. I feel like I haven’t stopped during these two weeks – funny what being forced to go without Internet can do, eh?

3. Last night I went to 2PM’s Hong Kong concert from their Go Crazy tour. On my own. Why the heck not, eh? It was so good, felt super nostalgic actually. 'Again & Again' is so good after all this time. And, like, they handed out chocolates and cake. And I can cross something off my bucket list for the year! Still overwhelmed with undying love for Junho and Wooyoung and, y’know what, I finally got to spend Valentine’s Day with not one but six nearly-perfect boys. ;)

4. Thank you thank you for the next-level kind comments on this here blog recently, btw. Still makes me smile infinite amounts to wake up and read through them all. It also helps a lot with my time zone problems and means I still have things to catch up on! I’m really glad that you’re enjoying my wordier posts and hopefully you’ll like all the new things I’ve got coming.

5. And last but not least, it wouldn’t be a Daisybutter update without an ode to the queen, Taylor Swift. Haven’t stopped watching the MV for ‘Style’ and I don’t plan to either. This song just <U>gets</U> me and, like I’ve mentioned before, it’s just accurate to the finest details. "We never go out of style." I would embed that badboy below because a Taylor Swift song is always appropriate here, but, no MacBook problems. ;)


  1. Good for you for going to a concert on your own. I think it's quite liberating. I've seen a few movies and gigs by myself and after an initial feeling of 'am I weird?' the first time, I quickly realised I was having a great time and didn't need anyone else. Enjoying your own company is a great thing to learn to do.
    Why stop yourself from something you really want to do just because no one can/wants to do it too!

  2. Ah I am super jel that you got to see the lovely 2pm boys! Free cake and chocs? That is the dream! With you being in HK now, you're going to get to see ALL the Kpop! Hoping you get your laptop back asap! xxx

  3. Nothing wrong with the continual flow of Miss Swfit's 'Style'!

    Annabel ♥
    Mascara & Maltesers

  4. It was so much fun!! Had the best evening and there were plenty of other solo concerteers there (:

  5. It was so good, I think I cried, but given the current situation ;) man, I miss being to go online... x


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