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Quick-fire photography tips for bloggers.
While last week I started this blogging series with writing tips, this week I thought I'd turn the focus onto photography. Arguably good photographs will draw any potential reader in. There's a lot to be said for photography tips but as I'm by no means a professional, here's a little list of things to remember and ideas for photograph backgrounds on a budget.

  • Light your photos from behind the camera, whether studio lit or by natural light.
  • Maximise natural angles in the photo - from the lines of objects in the frame to the way you're posing or positioning products, they all add an element of interest to the eye.
  • Invest in wallpaper swatches or a white wood tray. No need to go and paint those floorboards just yet.
  • Depth of field: there's no denying it, photos with bokeh/out of focus-ness just look SO blog worthy. Grab that 50mm lens, find somewhere with lots of distance between foreground and background and snap away.
  • Shoot from a lower angle.
  • Try multiple flat lay options before picking the best one for a post.
  • Portrait vs. landscape. Consider how your Bloglovin' feed will be laid out once your posts begin flitting in.
  • Less is sometimes more.
  • A box of props. Begin building a little stash of props to accessorise and style your still-life and flat lay photographs.
  • Portrait photographs apparently give better exposure on the ol' Bloglovin.
  • Use the rule of two thirds for prettier and more effective composition.


Part two of four in my 2015 Blogging with Daisybee series, in which you can pick up some tips and tricks surrounding blog photographs and all that jazz. No homework or puppy-involvement excuses required. You don’t even need an expensive Kate Spade notebook or fifty candles lit for inspiration. You’re welcome.


  1. Loved this post Michelle, I think I need to get myself a white wood tray x


  2. Thanks Sophie! Yes, definitely! Makes pretty backgrounds just a touch easier (:

  3. i really need to get a 50mm lens as my current one really doesn't do the whole out of focus background thing

  4. very useful and concise! it's my resolution to seriously up my photography this year... it's not easy! x

  5. thanks for the tips! these are so helpful and just what i'm looking for xx

  6. It's certainly worth saving up for - I really like mine!

  7. Thanks Miho! Didn't want to get too detailed as I'm not a professional ;)


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