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Today is a perfectly sunny Sunday to hide away in my apartment with English tea, fruit and K-dramas.
一. We survived our first full week back in real life! I’m feeling pretty good about the subsequent lack of daily cheese and chocolate and I’ve even managed to get my three weekly workouts in. In case you were wondering – I know you’re probably not – I’m doing a program on the Nike Training Club app, paired with the 30-Day Squat Challenge and mixing in some light yoga when I feel the NTC workouts are too much. I’m actually really disappointed in myself that I struggle to complete 45-minute workouts because I used to dance and rarely felt ‘unfit’ but now it’s a whole different ballgame! Ah well. I tend to just push myself as hard as possible with a workout, and if it’s too much then I admit defeat and do 5-10 minutes of cooling down or yoga. Baby steps!

二. Sophia and I had a bit of a bloggers’ day yesterday.  Hi wandering up picturesque steps and standing in busy roads to get the perfect outfit shot(!) Managed to tick a couple of places off our HK food bucket list and rounded it all off with a Chuck Bass cocktail before heading to the carnival and Ferris wheel down by Central Pier.

三. This week I started my January blog series, which is a couple of words each week to help enhance your blog or to help out people who decided ‘Start a blog’ was on their resolutions list. Thank you for all of the wonderful words and feedback from the first installment! I didn’t really want it to be a ‘you should do this, don’t do that, this is the right way to blog, etc.’ post, just a couple of things that are useful when it comes to maybe pushing your blog to the next level, whatever that might be. Come back on Wednesday for the next post (:

四. Aside from the above, this has been the week of Sims 3 addiction. Like, I knew I used to have a problem when I played it from the moment I woke up to the moment I slept, but I’ve been playing with a new household lately without any cheats so I felt pretty proud that my Sim fulfilled her Lifetime Achievement Wish, mastered 5 skills… then she died. Heartbreak has never felt so real.

五. I bought a Project Life scrapbook! Inspired by Lily, I’ve picked up some of the essentials and I’m really excited to document my year. Kinda tempted to backtrack and scrapbook last year too but we shall see. I actually used to keep a scrapbook when I was about 16 but that dropped off the radar when I moved for University. And I’m SO excited to go Hong Kong stationery shopping, if ya know what I mean!

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  1. I think thats what I struggle with when working out, like I really push myself from the start and then feel sick after 15 minutes and stop haha.

    I'm excited to see all these scrapbooks that are being created soon! I want to do one but doubt my life will be that fun to fill a scrapbook.

    Hope you are well!

  2. Ahh I love the Sims! What I really want at the moment though is a DS and a game of pokemon - though I doubt that it would help my productivity skills! xx

  3. Me too! I think that's from my background of dancing though. I think the best thing to do is begin with 10 mins of stretching and then really pace yourself throughout your set time of working out (: ah I can't wait to get going with mine - having such a crazy time at the moment but I really want to document it all! x

  4. Me too! I've been playing Omega Ruby whilst editing blog photos today ;)

  5. Oh HK stationery is just the best! I have a hard time choosing between silly kawaii cutesy styles and more minimal Muji-esque styles! I can't wait to see you blog about some of the places you've been. Please note down your faves and take me when I visit! :D

  6. Sounds like the perfect Sunday to me! Oh god, Sims 3 - I used to be addicted too! I'm currently playing Pokemon Alpha Sapphire, thats pretty addictive too. I've added you if you want to join me! :) And HK Stationery shopping - JEALOUS! I had a penfriend from HK when I was about 15, she used to send me the cutest letters! Make sure you blog about your stationery haul!

    Lyndsay | Fizzy Peaches

  7. Great

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