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15 style, lifestyle, food, travel and beauty blog post ideas, each with slightly different approaches.
So now that you’re up to date on my 2015 blogging workshop series, it’s time to jump into the blog game head first.

Without going all 2014 click-bait on you, I often get emails from readers or asked by real-life friends who want to try blogging about how I get ideas for posts. And I actually don’t know, I just go about my daily business and sometimes my morning cuppa inspires some completely unrelated post. By all means take this prompts list as a starting point if you’ve decided to try your hand at the blogging ‘thang’. Enjoy!

  1. Sweet and simple but how about an introductory post with 5 facts about yourself. It doesn’t have to be blog related but I personally love hearing about what jobs people are in and how many pets they have, etc.!
  2. A list of your favourite childhood memories. (I did this in 2010!)
  3. Write a mini fable with an Instagram from today as the visual prompt. No-one needs to know that you didn’t really fall down the rabbit hole and find antique cars/perfect latte art/those Liberty flowers, but it’s cute and creative.
  4. Make a stop motion video of how you prepared lunch.
  5. Challenge yourself to take one photo an hour, every hour, for a day and share the results.
  6. Read something thought-provoking lately? Write and share your response.
  7. Tell us about your Top 5 Lipsticks/Palettes/Essential Clothing Pieces/Shoes.
  8. Share your blogging routine and/or blogging space. I find reading about other people’s creative spaces inspiring in itself.
  9. Write an ‘I Wish I Was Wearing’ post.
  10. Reformat that outfit post into a to-do list. “Wear cosiest jumper known to man.” “Do the skinny jeans dance because my January workout routine hasn’t been perfected yet.” “Put on any rings that I can see within a one-metre radius.”
  11. Interview the owner of that teeny tiny boutique you found the other day and cobble together a miniature feature – haul, Q&A, atmospheric photos and all.
  12. Document 5 favourite Pins or Tumblr photos. Simples. I mean, blogging began as web-logging which was pretty much saving your favourite Internet things…
  13. Photograph a cosy nook in your bedroom/house and write just ONE sentence about it. (Harder than it sounds.)
  14. Write a haiku about pineapples.
  15. Make a note of all the places – and I mean every single one – you visit when you travel to a new country and create a bonafide guide to ABC. It doesn’t matter how mainstream or obscure the place, maybe one of your readers wants to experience everything you did too.

Let me know your favourite prompt from above! I’m now off to try and inspire myself for my own posts now that I’ve given away 15 of the ones on my list. Don’t say I don’t spoil you…!


Part four of four in my 2015 Blogging with Daisybee series, in which I just typed out 15 post titles from my actual blogging notebook. Slight regret but hey, again, no homework or puppy-involvement excuses required from your end! You don’t even need an expensive Kate Spade notebook or fifty candles lit for inspiration. You’re welcome.


  1. Love this! Will definitely be trying a few of these out! My favorite would definitely be a I wish I was Wearing post or possibly even the haiku about pineapples ;) In love with your blog as well! :)

    xo Caroline

  2. I love these ideas. Always so inspiring. =]
    Carolyn | Blog

  3. I like the one about the cosy nook.

  4. Great ideas! I quite fancy doing the photo an hour thing, but I feel like I'd probably just forget after a few x

    Charlotte / coloursandcarousels

  5. i once thought of writing haiku about refrigerator hahah oh daammnn. idk i never prone to reveal myself too blatantly for everyone in internet world to see but i guess i'll try 5 facts about me soon. thanks for the tips. i really enjoy this series. keep it up!


  6. Ha these are great! I am actually pretty good at having the initial idea but I suck at turning them into acceptable blog posts. It's pretty frustrating!


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