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On missing things but not. The trials and tribulations of a BBC.
I haven't had a chance to miss home since coming here. I've been trying for the longest time to articulate my feelings towards missing things because it feels like everybody automatically assumes that I miss home and all the rest of it, because I'm a very family-orientated, homely, introverted and relatively self-sufficient kinda girl. And in the nicest way possible, I don't miss home. I hardly miss any of it.

Of course I do miss my Mum and my Dad, my brother and my sister, Bertle and Eric. But on a 'I'll see them maybe sometime not so soon' level. I miss my cosy queen size bed and my favourite throws. I miss long walks and nonsensical conversation by my favourite lake. Sometimes I miss when I can just drive home, put my feet up and wait for my brother to make dinner after a long day. Usually I just miss bubble baths. Once in a while I really really miss being able to take a deep breath of fresh, crisp English air. Actually I kind of miss my Essie Cute As A Button nail varnish.

"I bet you really miss London and how fun~* and quirky it is. I bet you're really missing home."

Not really. I feel quite at home here in Hong Kong. It's everything and nothing that I've known, all at once.

Sometimes I feel like I'm lost in between countries. Born in England but belonged in Hong Kong kinda feeling but that's still not the right way to describe it. Every single day I realise I'm so, so lucky to have almost everything I want. But a tiny part wishes I had things from home. And I already know that if I ever decide to move back to England, I'll seriously want to be in Hong Kong.

The uphill struggles of a BBC, eh?!


  1. "Born in England but belonged in Hong Kong kinda feeling" - sometimes I feel this exact way. It's literally like half my heart is in England and the other half is in Hong Kong and they're fighting for a larger space in my heart!! (Well maybe it's 1/3rd England 2/3rd Hong Kong right now haha!) But I feel so grateful that I actually have the choice to live between these two places.

  2. I couldn't put it better myself! It's like when you go to HK and you're so happy that you can speak Cantonese on a more frequent basis and then returning back to UK and being like, oh it's nice to be able to speak English again. It's a weird feeling. Much like when I'm with friends and then my mum calls and I switch to Canto. I think it's the best of both worlds. When I was in HK all I reaaaaallly missed was larger spaces and that clean crisp air. Then again I'm always wishing I was in HK when I'm not - people don't understand why I rarely go on holiday anywhere else but it's hard to explain, HK is also home! yup totally understand!

  3. I always feel like this, to the point where I can't comprehend leaving HK but also can't comprehend not having the fresh air and open space comfort of UK. In my ideal world, I'll be equally divided between the two and flights would be shorter and easier to make!

  4. So hard to describe, right?! In my ideal world, I'll be based in both ;)

  5. Just wanted to leave a note to say how I'm enjoying your blog (kinda reading backwards from your most recent post! :D)

    I think the solution is basically travelling from Hk and London once a year to get your mind balanced. My mind will go crazy if I don't go to Malaysia so I can indulge my Chinese side (by eating loads of food)! But if I stay in Malaysia, I need some England too because I would miss dumb things like the crap weather we have and the dirt in the underground!

  6. Aw thank you so much for saying that Su! And thank you for the dedication in reading through all my random musings! Ah that's exactly how I feel - torn between my three countries. My Dad is from Malaysia. I often feel like I'm giving in if I fly home so soon to visit though?

  7. No worries! :D

    Three countries! wow! ok that's very hard! I know what you mean. I took a year out to live in Singapore. I didn't really have a choice of flying home because I was interning and it's so far away from London! (but that was kind of why I wanted to do it! needed to challenge myself). Plus I knew I was only going to be there a year. I hit a bump in the middle of it and started feeling homesick which was something I've never experienced before.

    But rode that feeling out instead of going home and I got over it! but as soon as I ended my internship, I really wanted to go home to visit! which kind of made my decision as to whether I would stay on or not (which was not). So in a way, I think going back in the middle to reset, would have helped me refresh and stay in Singapore for longer. Definitely living out was one of the the best things I ever did!! I miss it!!!


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