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A few pretty and semi-creative ideas to make your Instagrams go further.
I have a serious Instagram obsession (I'm @winyeemichelle on there!) and I’m not even sorry. It’s my procrastination app of choice and I follow more puppy accounts that I care to imagine. And with our daily lives picking up speed more often than not leaving us with little time for ‘film photos’, it’s such a quick and convenient way to take, share and cherish photos and memories, right?


I have a bit of a thing for using Instagram photos after the whole upload process. There are eons of ideas, products and concepts that have surfaced from those infamous squared-off photos, so I figured I’d share a few of my favourites, along with the ways I ‘use’ my Instax snaps. (You can see my very old review of the Instax Mini 8 here.)

I first discovered this site through Zoe and ordered my first batch of photos almost a year ago. They simply transpose your Instagram photographs onto matte card in one of three designs (I always pick Polaroid with the map on the back!), and it also places the caption and your likes on the back too. The quality is insanely good and the shipping is next-level fast. Most of mine are stuck up around my apartment or have been framed!

Occasion Cards
Something I got into doing last year was using my Instax camera to create little, candid snaps that could be used on handmade occasion cards. My sister and I have a sort of obsession with Hobbycraft (basically it’s next to the big Boots and Costa at home, so put 2 and 2 together here!) so it’s easy to pick up card-making bits like 3D stickers, grab a metallic Sharpie, stick a snap on – et voila! My Granny especially loves these as she pulls them off afterwards to pop in her purse or add to the photo album we made for her. This would be so perfect for best friends’ birthdays, anniversaries or as a funny pick-me-up!

Not one for everyone but I saw this somewhere and thought it was amazing. Simply pick 12 favourite Instagrams and Projecteo print them onto a teeny-tiny reel that you can project onto blank walls! I’d imagine this would be an amazing gift for couples – y’know, Valentine’s Day is coming up – or for that film enthusiast friend of yours.

The novelty choice of the post – Instagram marshmallows! I remember coming home to a complimentary set of these and thinking: ‘Oh my gosh, look at that face; You look like my next mistake. my selfie is on an edible marshmallow.’ Insane. This would be such an adorable – dare I say sweet?! – bonus gift for a best friend on their birthday.

Pegs & String
And finally, a tried-and-tested idea that I just talk about all the time. Pick up some white string and mini pegs from a craft shop and attach to a wall. Simple DIY at its very best and you get to see your favourite snaps. I tend to choose photos with friends, pretty buildings, natural landscapes and cat snaps to decorate my mirror with, switching it up every so often!

Disclaimer: Not sponsored, lalala.


  1. Great idea for a post...I had NO IDEA you could get your instagram photos (or any photos for that matter!) printed on a marshmallow!

  2. Oh my sister does the pegs and strings thing (but using her photos developed from her Diana) they always look so effective! I do the occasion cards for my family too - we send personalised ones to HK every year. They always peel off the pic and pop them into frames :)

  3. Flat Out Glasgow13 January 2015 at 14:39

    I am just a little bit more excited than I should be about getting my face plastered on to a marshmallow. x

  4. These are such cool ideas and really gets me to be more creative. I might try a few of these Michelle.

  5. Love the idea of an Instagram marshmallow! x

  6. Thanks for these ideas! I'm a huge instagram fan, I'm sure they'll come in handy :)

    Marissa Jamie | Faithfully Marissa ♡

  7. Thanks for sharing these! so cute and thoughtful. Definitely gonna try at least one of them out ;)

  8. Thank you! Haha me either until they surprised me with a set - my Mum was so enthralled at the idea of eating my face!!

  9. Ah I bet that looks amazing! I need to get hold of some more to decorate the flat but it's surprisingly hard to find.

  10. Nothing beats the excitement, trust me!

  11. Ah thanks Jackie - glad you enjoyed!

  12. Then you could Instagram those for Insta-inception ;)

  13. Not a problem at all Marissa!


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