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Tips to pull your blog and social media platforms together as a complete package.
Without a shadow of a doubt, the biggest way the blogosphere has changed in recent months is the inclusion of #AllTheSocialMediaz. While once you could write a blog post, promote it nowhere and somehow still see it being picked up by readers far and wide, it’s kinda commonplace to have your content overarching every platform nowadays so at least one poor, unsuspecting soul will find it. (I'm only kidding -- I'll always read your blog and/or post if you ask me to!)

In my opinion, this goes further than a simple ‘look at my new post’ Tweet – although these are still good to shimmy out – I think it’s important to reformulate your amazing all-singing-all-dancing blog post for each platform. Let’s take a few minutes to talk social media platforms and ye olde blog, shall we?

Now I don’t know about you but I’m feeling 22 nowadays Twitter is the source of most of my news knowledge and general I-kinda-know-what-else-is-out-there knowledge. If you don’t already have a Twitter account, do it now! I personally don’t have a blog-specific handle, just my personal one that I started to avidly stalk Taylor Swift and Stephen Fry – it’s all down to personal preference though.

By its quick-fire nature, keep promoting Tweets short and sharp. Make it a little more interesting and thought-provoking than simply affixing ‘new post’ or the post title. You can also add hashtags for the various blogger chats to make sure you’re reaching out to the ‘right’ audience. But aside from that, be ‘you’ on Twitter. Throw in those random thoughts running through your brain. Retweet things that you find funny or cute – they just help to show your character. Share blog posts from our fellow bloggers that you enjoyed. Whack in photo Tweets to uplift your feed. My Twitter is pretty much #CommuterChronicles, Taylor Swift lyrics (because I am 14, yes), asking my followers questions and a handful of other stuff. Twitter is also the place to ask your readers for their opinion and input for posts, if that’s how you roll!

Last year saw the inundation of Instagram blogs. Feeds dedicated to micro-blogging. While this works for some (i.e. using it to purely post a particular type of content), I kinda use mine to reiterate that I’m also a human. It’s easy in Blog Land to make it look like life is ready-made editorial and super polished, but the instant nature of, er, Instagram gives a sort of real-time visual conversation and behind-the-scenes look at your blog. Share funny snaps of your chief photo-takers’ stances, your hunt for outfit photo locations, candid still-in-plastic-bag hauls or interesting landscapes and arrays that ‘didn’t quite make a post’.

Perhaps you just published a new outfit post on your blog: why not share an Instagram photo of those items hung up on your bedroom wall/brick wall/10 green bottles etcetc. to show off a different dimension? Or maybe you posted a review of a new red lipstick – how about ‘gramming a sneaky selfie?

Having worked as a freelance community manager for over a year and a half, I find Facebook the most ridiculous platform if you’re on a budget. Let’s face it, I’m not paying to promote my blog. I suppose Facebook is a good platform as a reminder of posts. You could create photo albums of photographs from a post as well as behind-the-scenes photos. Or ask questions. Or simply update followers of your day-to-day schedules in the same way that you’d use a personal Facebook profile. I find my Facebook page appeals to a more generic and open audience as it typically has more non-blogger readers on there?

Ah the ambiguous grey area that is Pinterest. I dip in and out with Pinterest and find it does little to grow or enhance readership, but it does help me to refocus my interests and use that to churn out new blog ideas. Some bloggers like to dedicate boards to post content but I just like repinning pretty photos that inspire lifestyle, food and fashion photography composition. Adding a ‘Pin this!’ widget to your blog certainly helps to have your content shared too – if someone likes your post, they can put a Pin on it! ;)


Part three of four in my 2015 Blogging with Daisybee series, in which you can draw your social media platforms together to maximise your posts’ potential. No homework or puppy-involvement excuses required. You don’t even need an expensive Kate Spade notebook or fifty candles lit for inspiration. You’re welcome.


  1. Firstly - that photo is really cool! Also, I love Insta the most. Agree with Facebook - just aren't the same users and one thing that's not on your list is Tumblr - which I basically don't use any more. I really liked it for a few years but with the rise of Instagram, it's really taken a back seat. x

  2. I'm guilty of not always making my instagram personal/human enough, sometimes I'm way too much of a perfectionist and it's something I really need to work on! Loved reading your tips, so helpful - thank you :) x


  3. Great post, I'm absolutely addicted to Pinterest at the moment and it's really driven a lot of traffic to my blog! Highly recommended :)

    Lyndsay | Fizzy Peaches

  4. Thanks Winnie - little sis playing photographer is always the best. I think Instagram is the most popular because it's all about the instant visuals, right? Similar to how blogging is getting because there are so many to "get through"! x

  5. I adore your Instagram feed though, Sophie!

  6. I really need to have a think through with my Pinterest! Don't tend to blog through there as such, but I like to make visual notes of things I like (:


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