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The shiniest week of the year because it's new and I didn't go out so my life couldn't be ruined.
一. I think it’s about time that I got back into documenting the really small things on my blog this year. Last year I began to introduce some longer and more well-considered posts but I also want to balance them out with these weekly mindless drivel snippets too for 2015. I guess I just miss the instantaneous and person-to-person aspect of blogging sometimes. Do we like?

二. I feel really positive and happy about this upcoming year for the first time in forever. Not that I usually feel negative towards the New Year, but I realised I usually just feel quite neutral towards it all. I think there’s so much potential for fun things to see and do, especially now that I’m wildly outside of my comfort zone with new places to play. Also reading your comments on my 2015 goals post was so lovely and motivational – I hope I didn’t make it feel as though I was ‘boasting’ or anything, I just genuinely find it hard to even remember my goals hence the need to write it somewhere!

三. Hey hey, who always starts the New Year with a deathly hallows illness? *raises hand* Monday and Tuesday saw me feeling really sick and attempting to make congee on my own, then I felt better for two days, and now I’m ridden with a cold again. Woe is me but then I remember that Friends is on Netflix and things could be a lot worse… Hong Kong is beautifully sunny and averaging 20°C at the moment which I can't complain about either!

四. Really feelin’ the blog love lately and it feels like old times?! Nostalgic and sentimental Mish strikes again – sorry! I think I might make it a mini goal to share more blogs that I love because I and everyone else used to do it all the time. Notably heartwarming posts include Philippa’s, Bee’s and Jennie’s for a week where, y’know, a cold ain’t what you want.

五. And last but not least, I think I missed the boat here a bit (damn those scheduled posts!) but I had such a fun NYE this year. My final goal of 2014 was to celebrate the year-end sans hot chocolate or tea and I did it! One of my best friends and I sipped mojitos, listened to Taylor Swift, Apink and Jay Chou, and rang in 2015 watching the fireworks from the IFC rooftop in Hong Kong. Which 100% means that next time I can justify sitting indoors with my tortoises and swap heeled boots for fluffy slippers. It’s Back To The Future year which means we’ll have a lotta action in October or so anyway ;)

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  1. Oh gosh, thank you for the little mention - you've made my Saturday night! I'm so pleased that you're feeling really positive about this year, I am too and there's something very freeing and magical about that I think. I hope you feel better soon, being ill is no fun at all! xoxo

  2. Stay positive Michelle ^__^
    Glad your NYE was a nice one c:

  3. I really enjoyed this post! Good luck for the year ahead. x

  4. You're more than welcome J! It feels good to share the love again after a content-based blog year in 2014. Ah thank you darling - I'm just sad to be missing a really sunny weekend here in Hong Kong. Enjoying it through the windows instead!

  5. Thank you Mei! Happy New Year!

  6. Ah thank you Daisy - and to you too!

  7. Happy New Year Michelle I have always enjoyed your blog and even if I don't comment all the time I always read and love reading about your life and sometimes it might be crazy but you seem like a friend when I read your blog and I just love that. Hope you enjoy your year and keep blogging your hear out!

    Jackie | fashionxfairytale | bloglovin' |

  8. I know this is so unrelated, but I love that Chinese and Japanese numbers are the same :) it makes playing Mahjong so much easier! Haha. I love these kinds of posts, you definitely should do them more often - I really hope you feel better soon, too. And as for your comment on my post about going out on NYE - I totally sympathise (and yes, next year you are more than welcome to spend it in PJs!), but I probably haven't gone out for NY since the Millennium, which was the night I ran down our street with friends screaming happy new year. I may not be the best example, but you should do what makes you happy! Your mojitos and fireworks sounds perfect. x

  9. Happy New Year Michelle!! Friends is on Netflix you say....that's my January sorted! :)
    Amy xx

  10. Aw and to you too Jackie - wishing you every health, happiness and luck for 2015! This comment has absolutely brightened up my Monday morning, I'm so pleased you like my blog and even more so that I sound like a 'friend' even online (:

  11. Me too - it's the only Japanese I can read ;) best comment of the day goes to you for the Mahjong remark too, Miho!

  12. Happy New Year my darling! <3

  13. Oh, thank you so much for the mention! I can't believe I haven't seen this until now, I'm officially guilty of reading every post of yours as soon as I see you tweet it... but Happy New Year Michelle! I hope you didn't miss lil old England too much xx


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