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Hello new faces! Come and learn random things about me ^___~
  1. My name is Win-Yee, more commonly referred to as Michelle. I am actually not called Daisy.
  2. I’m a Year of the Sheep girl which makes me 24 this Lunar year!
  3. Behind the blog and online persona, I have the worst luck and the uncanny ability to attract ridiculous situations.
  4. I feel most content when I’m by water. I would like to attribute this to being a Pisces, but…
  5. I can’t swim!
  6. Can’t really ride a bike either.
  7. I was born in Hertfordshire, England.
  8. I used to be very, very, very shy when I was younger (until age 19?) because I grew up with Cantonese as my first language – and learnt English properly aged 4 - and was very insecure about speaking in front of people.
  9. I lived in England for 23 years. (Why won’t anyone believe me?!)
  10. Having said that, I had a pretty traditional Chinese upbringing a.k.a. I probably see a lot of things slightly differently from most British gals.
  11. I met my last boyfriend on Tinder – surprise!
  12. I have two pet Russian tortoises and you can meet them here.
  13. Every Taylor Swift song with date or time references directly corresponds to my own life experiences. Sad but true.
  14. Half of my family are from Malaysia!
  15. I wanted to be a wedding dress designer from the teeniest age until I turned 14.
  16. I have a First Class Honours degree in fashion and culture journalism that I often forget about ;)
  17. I fell out of a patio door (don’t ask) at my 4th birthday party and have a huge faded Harry Potter on the right side of my forehead.
  18. My chat-up line of choice is: ‘Name 5 fun facts about yourself’. It doesn’t get me far…
  19. I wear glasses for sight and have done since I was 15. I’m not a f**king hipster, as lots of Facebook users decided on a brand campaign I once did. Just blind thanks.
  20. Sherin, Natasha and Sarah have seen me in my smalls and if that doesn’t make you want to be brave and go to a blogger event, I don’t know what will, hahaha!
  21. I’ve been an obsessive Taylor Swift fan since she vlogged, her concert tickets were £14 and the arena was for 1,500 people. So don’t try and patronise or challenge me ^_~ also DB fact: nearly all 5 years’ worth of my outfit post titles are taken from her lyrics.
  22. I can drive!
  23. I frequently worry who my bridal party will be at my wedding because I don’t have many friends or a group of close girlfriends, only separate ones. #NotEngaged #ActuallySingle
  24. I went to stage school until I was 17.
  25. My Dad once got me to save my pocket money, help out with small chores and eat my greens in exchange for a toy spelling laptop and Pokemon book.


  1. thought I was the only who could not ride a bike.

  2. Same with the language thing - I often attribute my often mixing up of words to the fact that English wasn't learnt until age 4/5 and also going by two names (hi family that call me by my chinese name!). Are you officially Win Yee on your passport etc? Also bridal party - Oh gosh Mish - I am the same, all my friends are in different groups!!

  3. Loved learning things about you Michelle! I went to a stage school too and now I'm engaged and don't have many friends I have the same worries - I think we're just going to get married on a beach somewhere far away! x


  4. These ARE fun facts! These would have you set for several uses of that chat up line. Love this post :)

    North of London - Beauty Blog

  5. I just still can't master it haha, I'm sure it's pretty straightforward but I haven't been on a bike since I crashed one aged 9 at camp!

  6. Yes! I'm actually always mixing things up now because my English isn't being used as regularly as at home. Yup, officially Win Yee!! So confusing.

  7. Aw thanks Sophie! That sounds perfect - I'd love to do the same on the basis that I wouldn't have to do any swimming, etc. whilst there hahaha. I'm so glad someone else has this constant worry!

  8. Haha thanks Phoebe ;) I'm so dateable, gawd knows why I'm single again bahahahaha.

  9. 4 & 5 urgh. i feel you sfm! (i'm aquarius tho) i left my heart by the sea sobs
    these facts are rather cute anyway <3 and no 16, what an achievement! :D

  10. Number 19.
    Always number 19.
    It doesn't help me that I work at an apple store which is hipster mecca and I fix technical things for a living... I was called someone's hipster minion once *snark face*.

    And now that I've moved bloody number 9.
    Everyone I meet thinks my accent is fake... smh.

    Love this post Mich!
    P.S Please for all that is good get Sharon an iPhone 6... if not I'm about to ship one to her sorry self.

  11. Loved this post Michelle, they are some of my most favourite to read! Bertle and Eric are so cute too! :) xx

  12. Ikr!! I just find water so calming and serene. Ah thank you so much lovely - always forget about that one ;)

  13. I'm happy to say I actually knew quite a few of these already! WOOP WOOP! Also, that campaign in n°19... LOLZ! That is all.

    - Elodie x

  14. I love these facts posts. They are such a fun and easy way to learn more about the blogger. This post really made me smile, especially at the hipster part. Apparently being blind is hipster now *sigh* what is wrong with the world! you have a new follower :)

  15. I really love this, Michelle! some of them made me laugh - the last one is a classic. It's so nice to get to know you a little better x

    Miho @ Wander to Wonder

  16. I feel for you Nicole! I'm just blind as a bat sans glasses, so I could take them off to stop with the faux hipster identity but then that'd be kinda dangerous! No-one in Hong Kong believes I'm British, even though I have THE most British accent around.

    PS. Workin' on the iPhone thing with Sharon. She's found a case and still has no phone ;)

  17. Aw thank you Laura!! Feelin' like a proud tortoise Mama!

  18. A beach house would be amazing!!

  19. Ah thank you so much Miriam - and a HUGE thank you for following along!

  20. Thanks Miho! The last one is half tragic really, right?! :') I loved that spelling laptop with all my heart hahaha!

  21. I just did 25 Facts About Me post today, I might have to use the title of yours later in the year if I feel up to doing another ;) I had no idea you were raised in England, that's awesome!

  22. Hello michelle you look so pretty ! thanks for sharing this sweetie i love it! :)
    xo , Lovelacee
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