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14 things I learnt in 2014.
Bit of a spontaneous and, for once, unscheduled post but I wanted to document 14 things I learnt from one of my best years yet.

  1. Reconnecting with friends I’d known since the age of 11 was worth the nerves.
  2. When you finally get to stop the daily London commute, you’ll pick up public transport induced anxiety* instead.
  3. How to spell miniature and separate without using a dictionary.
  4. Holidaying in Morocco with four bloggers who happen to be some of your best friends will get your year off to a good start.
  5. … It’ll also leave you with the knowledge that you could very well have been exchanged for a camel or a used cable.
  6. Investing in a leather jacket means you’ll almost never have a bad outfit day.
  7. My little sister is my best friend, no matter how far apart we are.
  8. Never underestimate the power of a well-brewed coffee.
  9. Nothing compares to the pride you feel of your first sofa.
  10. Dramatic pre-flight doorstep moments DO happen. Mascara tears happen.
  11. Wear shoes that stay on your feet if you go out in Lan Kwai Fong.
  12. How to take a long-haul flight on your own whilst crying Lauren Conrad style.
  13. There are some people who just ‘know’ and you’ll never feel awkward around.
  14. Jumping in to the unknown with both feet was the best and most unexpected thing I ever did.

* I realise this is a big, big claim so if you’d like me to elaborate on this in a future post or via your comments, I can.


  1. Aww Sharon! And you too - be safe however you're celebrating and have lots of fun!

  2. This list just oozes 'great year' or something along the lines of 'awesome'. It sounds like 2014 has been good to you and you really grabbed onto some opportunities. I hope 2015 will be even better for you - happy new year!!

  3. AH you've had such a fab year Michelle! Happy new year. Hope I can visit you over there one day, it's my dream to go <3 xxxx

  4. Happy New Year, Michelle! I hope '15 is even better and more exciting than '14 was for you! ox

  5. Now then. There's an error here. I think we could have got at least three camels for you.........

    Sending big squishy Bert 2015 cuddles your way xxxxxx

  6. Ah thank you so much Louise! It has honestly, honestly been one of the best years and - cheesy words alert - seriously life-changing. Saying 'yes' to more/all opportunities just completely paid off! Happy New Year to you too - wishing you all the best for these 365 days and beyond (:

  7. It's been SO good! Had the best time seeing it off and I'm SO looking forward to another amazing 12 months. Ooh yes for sure, I'll get my tour guide cap on if you do ;) Happy New Year Shabna - hope you have a perfect and sparkly one!

  8. Happy New Year darling! I'm determined to make it even better (:

  9. I think we could have even got one of those very angry and scary bulls... HAPPY NEW YEAR BERT, I LOVE YOU AND MISS YOU xxxxxx


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