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Daisybutter - Hong Kong Fashion and Lifestyle Blog: luxury christmas wishlist

Dear Santa, I've been oh so good this year and I know this blog post is late, but...
The 2014 Daisybutter Christmas List

With Christmas less than two weeks away - pinch me, please! - I thought I'd finally shimmy up something festive onto the ol' blog. I didn't manage to put together ANY gift guides this year or vlog my festive decorating but there's always time for a little wishing and sharing indulgent gift ideas for yourself. Plus, you know you're getting old when there's actual homeware on your Christmas list. I nearly included a candle but that's just a given, right?

Having over-indulged in the art of handbag purchasing in 2014, I thought I'd cast my eye over upping a shoe selection this winter and the trend continues with these two pairs. The Charlotte Olympia 'Kitty' flats have been on my list (and everyone else's) for all of eternity and going shopping with my friend Zoe a few weeks ago only served to further that. On the other side of the spectrum are these Chloe flats, scalloped and made of softest leather. I adore the pink version, if only so I could pretend that I'm a ballerina!

I recently noted a space in my life for a make-up case that does the job really damn well. Not a 'I can fit 5 products in here and that doesn't include more than one lipstick' job, one that will aid my daily or, you know, travel life. And here she is: the Anya Hindmarch edition. Kinda in love with the two zipped sections thing, the space for brushes and that little bow that captivates me every time. While I was there, how could you not want a novelty sticker that'll set you back £35? The most intense sticker-location decision ever awaits...

... Let's talk home.

I mean actual home. There's nothing more essential for a Brit girl living away from home than festive tea from Fortnum and Mason. Obsessed with that tin caddy design. In my quest for a coffee flask for my new desk at work, I 'stumbled across' (read: obsessively stalked) this Taylor Swift one, dotted with seagulls as per the sweater she wears for the '1989' cover. Can someone... arrange for this to happen? Thanks. Last but not least, this assemblage of cushions that I've been dithering over for the longest time. They're an essential, right?

I'm yet to feel festive at all, even whilst watching obsessive amounts of Vlogmas, but maybe this post will kickstart the jingle belles and elves. Got so much exciting stuff to share with you but I can't just yet. And I have so many YouTube video ideas that I'm itching to start filming!(!!)

Anya Hindmarch 'Thumbs Up' leather sticker, £35, Selfridges;
Chloe Lauren scalloped edge ballet flats, HK$3920, Net-a-Porter;
Christmas tea blend, £15, Fortnum and Mason;
'1989 Seagulls' tumbler, $19.89, Taylor - let's all appreciate that price...;
Anya Hindmarch Make-Up Bag, £195, Selfridges;
Charlotte Olympia 'Kitty' pumps, £365, Selfridges;
FAMOS cushion cover, HK$320, Francfranc;
ENYHE cushion cover, HK$320, Francfranc;
STOCKHOLM cushion, HK$149.9, Francfranc.


  1. Beans Cafe! I'm gonna put you on my
    bucketlist next time visiting HK c: Glad
    you went inside for a good dessert
    Michelle! Xx

  2. Definitely! Aw so sweet Mei - hope you have a wonderful Christmas!

  3. Isn't it just the best? Their birthday tea is the best thing in life!


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