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4 beauty secrets and game-changers of 2014.
While this year I didn't manage to branch out too much in the beauty realm, I did discover a small array of true game-changers that I'll be taking through to next year (or week, depends how you take it!). And for me, ticking off a holy grail eyeliner is more than enough productivity for one year. Srsly, finding the perfect eyeliner took serious skill and beauty gambling skills...

Aesop Camellia Nut Facial Hydrating Cream
I bought this on a whim but I think I found The One. A lightweight cream that sinks beautifully into the skin, Aesop’s Camellia Nut Facial Hydrating Cream is extra hydrating and leaves my skin radiant and plump. Oh, and what’s more? It works perfectly for both UK and HK weather. Full review here.

YSL Baby Doll Mascara
When I went to a meeting with Yves Saint Laurent Beauté earlier this year, I came away feeling a) productive, b) super dolled-up (Cara Delevingne’s MUA had just done my face) and c) like I’d won the make-up lottery. That night, I discovered Baby Doll. I’m still a sucker for my Majolica Majorca mascara but this YSL one just holds a curl and fluttery lash effect like no other.

Bobbi Brown Gel Eyeliner
Having been left behind as the only girl in the 21st century who hadn’t tried this product, I finally caved and bought this in September. And no other eyeliner I’ve used before could even attempt to hold a light to this. Smudge-free, easy to apply and stays black until the bitter end.

There are 3 ways that people greet me when they meet me for the first time.

  1. “Hey, nice to meet you, I’m ABC.”
  2. “Wow, you’re really short in real life.”
  3. “WTF, your skin is like Photoshop.”

I’m not lying. Honestly, I feel like my clear skin is a super lucky thing that I was given. I swapped good skin for bad luck and the ability to lose my dignity in most social settings ;) Water is my ultimate skincare tip though. Seriously, swap squash, tea, coffee, wine, vodka, etc. for just water and up your drinkage to that 2 litres and thank me this time next year.


  1. Ashleigh Dougherty30 December 2014 at 01:17

    I'm trying to drink more water and have seen a big difference too!

  2. I still haven't jumped on the Aesop ship yet, but that face cream sounds great! And, what a reminder that I need to drink more water!

    x beauty, style, life | bespectacled

  3. I really need to start drinking more water! That Aesop moisturiser sounds lovely x


  4. Hope you're enjoying yourself in Hong Kong Michelle! That Aesop moisturiser definitely sounds like something I'd buy, it's a wonder I don't own it already!

    Fashion Ganache.

  5. It makes the world of difference - just up your water intake if you've somehow eaten crappy food and that also helps too!

  6. This moisturiser is SO good - combined with the Parsley Seed Cleansing Mask, it makes for the dreamiest skin. Make it a New Year's Resolution to try out the brand, Kat!

  7. It makes such a huge different - there's even reminder apps that you can download to get the water intake flowing properly!

  8. Thanks Tsui! Having the best experience here - easily the best decision I've made all year!

  9. Babydoll is THE mascara of dreams. I love it so much. I'm trying to make myself drink more water as it definitely makes a massive difference to my skin (and helps cut down my headaches) x

    Charlotte / coloursandcarousels

  10. Yes yes Aesop *thumbs up*
    Still miss you like Snape misses Lily

  11. Love Aesop. Definitely agree with lots of water - people I met on holiday thought I was 18 and were genuinely shocked when I told them that I'm nearly 10 years older than that! x


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