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Daisybutter - Hong Kong Fashion and Lifestyle Blog: December 2014 Instagram round up

An Instagram summation, for old times' sake.
Well well well, isn't this all a bit 2012?!

It's been a while since we had a catch-up with some Instagram fodder for company and I felt kinda nostalgic for the genuinely personal and homegrown element of lifestyle blogging and blogs in general. So here we are, let's catch up over a sugary tea or festive beverage of your choice!
Insutanto · (Jp.) instant./ˈɪnst(ə)nt1 Happening or coming immediately:
December in Hong Kong is sun-soaked, vividly coloured and only cold when the seafront air and aircon combine to wreak havoc on my hair. It's really strange spending Christmas away from home and even more so when it's celebrated slightly differently to what I'm used to. Nevertheless, our staff Christmas market in the office was so fun - see those Markus Lupfer kiss Christmas cocktails and the smores craft table?! What a dream.

Sophia and I visited a cat café a few weekends ago and of course I Instagrammed the heck out of that. These sorts of cafés are kinda controversial and hush hush in Hong Kong still, but I was pleasantly surprised at how roomy the actual place was and even more happy that the cats themselves were really chilled out and lapping up human interaction. 100% earmarked for another visit!

I bought a Saint Laurent Cabas Chyc clutch the other day! I've already posted a 'review' of it if you're interested, but I'm seriously in love with her. Work perks at their very best... During my downtime from exciting shopping, cute cats, etc. I'm currently enjoying just cosying up in my apartment in my The White Company cashmere socks and playing Pokemon Omega Ruby - srsly, what a darn good remake of the best Pokemon generation. As always, please feel free to add my Nintendo Friend Code and leave me a comment with yours! 3883-5630-0644

If you're also in Hong Kong, you 100% need to go to Kowloon Tong and see this gem of a Christmas tree and grotto at Festival Walk. It's so beautiful that I'm tempted to go back for another peek. I also spied some awesome street art in Soho, Central, 'grammed my new boots down Hollywood Road and hugged a Pikachu at the Pikachu Parade in TST. Living the dream guys, I'm living the dream.

Find me on Instagram to see my full feed here @winyeemichelle. And tell me about something fun and festive you've done recently! ♥


  1. Dude that clutch is so perfect. We missed you the other day - we're planning on doing some kind of shopping damage in the new year haha - we'll keep you updated. Those Mochi ice things are brilliant - I love that you can just go to 7-11 and just pick some up on a whim! Ah.

  2. Why are cat cafés controversial in Hong Kong?

  3. I know right! Ahh man, I'm so sad I'm missing out on Shopaholics Anonymous meetings. Definitely going to have to Skype to catch up on your NY sales damage!

  4. They're controversial everywhere - because some think it's cruel to keep so many cats in one place and also because of the whole eating around animals thing.

  5. My eye drew instantly to the photo of the little exotic short hair on the 2nd row! sooooooooo cute!!!! Reminds me of our Oscar when he was a baby! <3

  6. Singapore has recently had a huge controversy over the cat cafes because lots of cats have died under the care of the people who worked there :(

    Marissa Jamie || Faithfully, Marissa ♡

  7. love your Instagram feed! too much cutenessssss

  8. Ah I know right! Sophie and I also mentioned that he reminded us of Oscar ^____^ (who is easily one of the cutest blogging pet pals that I can think of!) x

  9. Oh no!! This is exactly why we proceeded with caution but thankfully at this cafe there was no obligation to stay once you'd stepped in and had a little look of the surroundings for the cats that were there. These cats were super happy and peaceful - just lapping up the attention from so many cat lovers!

  10. Aw thank you Sharon - I actually love yours too!


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