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Happy December!!

I know, I know… I’m the worst person (blogger) in the world for posting another grainy ol’ phone photo by way of sharing outfits. But I genuinely haven’t had time to fire up the big guns and nab a savvy photographer yet and this is a pretty genuine representation of what I’m up to. I.e. not being able to take photos properly rn. You win some, you lose some…

To properly ring in December, here's what I wore for a festive gathering last week. It was the Lane Crawford Christmas party last Thursday and despite – no, wait - because there was no dress code, my team set our own dress code. Schoolgirl chic meets collegiate cool. I pulled out my beautiful little Dahlia Fashion dress at long last and accessorized with a claret red velveteen bow tie, velveteen frill trim ankle socks and my faithful ankle boots. Of course I then took one for the team and swung on my leather jacket (mine is from River Island right here FYI) and took on the persona of the class rebel. Realistic, I know. I did however fulfil my lifelong dream of pretending to be a Japanese schoolgirl in an anime ;)

We went to 1968, an Indonesian restaurant in Central, which was SO good. Couldn’t take many photos but yeah, pretty darn good if you’re ever in that area.


  1. Ahh I love the bowtie! I'm a big fan of faux-schoolgirl style too, I think it's because I was deprived of a uniform during my school days ;) xx

  2. Very cute look, the bow tie is so sweet!

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  4. The dress really is adorable- the doctor who nerd in me wants to say, bow ties are cool x

  5. Adorable look Mish - that dress is lovely. No wonder you are getting some stalkers haha! x


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