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While Emily's away, Michelle will play...
While my good friend Emily is sauntering around South East Asia having the time of her life, I penned a little blog post for her documenting my recent, er, holiday to Hong Kong. And now I'm living here full-time! Regardless, I felt it'd be apt to shimmy some travel photos over on Emmerliejay until she can share some of her own.

Hop over here to read the full post and don't forget to follow her on Bloglovin while you're there - she's oh so lovely!


  1. Lovely post Mish, hard to believe you wrote this about your annual hols, and now you're there permanently. I miss TeaWood, I hope you go back for some bubble tea for me!

  2. The more I see and read about Hong Kong and Asia in general, the more I want to go there! *sigh*


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