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The five apps every blogger and/or phone addict needs.
Hi, my name is Michelle and I'm addicted to my phone.

How many blog posts have you read with that as the opener? Lots, right? We live in a time where we are all tech-obsessed, some tech-savvy and others tech-dependent and I can easily say I fit all three scenarios. Hey, I'm a blogger, it's what I do. I honestly can't remember life before being able to refer to an app or send a Tweet to ask you guys for your opinion before I buy something, so I thought I'd splice a post together with the apps you need to have.

I'm a sentimental soul and up until I came to Hong Kong I still had every single text message saved on my phone from about 2008. Why wouldn't I want to refer back to that Merry Christmas that a girl from school accidentally sent to a girl named Melissa?! ;) Anyway, I digress: Days is a cute app with a widget (for Android users) that counts the days to and from an event. In Asia it is popular to celebrate 100, 500 and 1000 day anniversaries as well as yearly anniversaries, which is where this app began, but I find it really useful for Christmas countdowns too!

MTR Mobile
The London Tube Map app needs to shape up. While the MTR in Hong Kong is super easy to navigate, I LOVE this app for checking up on next trains, the last train of the day, accurate delay reports, working out the best exit at stations, etc. Bloody genius, I tell thee.

Egg Timer
"You know you're a grown up when..." Yup, I just admitted in the public forum that I have and regularly use an egg timer app. I nearly bought a really cute one and then realised that there HAD to be an egg timer somewhere in the Play Store. This app lets you 'manage' multiple eggs, enter the size of your egg, whether it's been kept in the fridge or cupboard. It's a godsend.

LINE Tools
I wonder exactly how many hours in a day I spend preaching the wonders of LINE. This app features seriously random tools, from the simple ruler to a smarty pants protracter, or a sound level meter to (my personal favourite) the spaghetti scale. Of course there are actual tools too, including a QR code reader and an international size chart. But I like the spaghetti scale.

Globe Photo
Not necessarily an essential, but I'm still in wonderment over the Globe Photo app. It is all levels of fun. Simply snap a landscape of your choice and it creates a globe photo in a 360 shape. I really like using this in open spaces, new cities or, you know, on my coffee table because I'm a bonafide hermit.

Welcome to 2007. I recently rediscovered this game and can't stop playing it. Like, I missed a phone call the other night because I was about to tip Level 60. The concept is simple: connect gears and cogs to make the static ones move. It's pretty educational if you ask me.

Wunderlist (plus MacBook app)
My number one most asked question by email is still how on Earth do you get things done. And my answer for the most part is Wunderlist. But you can click here for the extended version. The MacBook app makes it so easy to organise my blog too: I can enter blog post ideas, move them to a To Write list, then To Photograph list, schedule it and easily work on the lists between my phone and laptop. Blog organisation made easy.

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