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Ippudo Ramen, Central Saint Giles, London, WC2H 8AG. (Near Byron and Zizzi.)
When one is leaving the country forevermore for a prolonged period of time, it is only apt that a lot of food is consumed and a lot of laughs are to be had in good (Dream Team) company. Before I came over to Hong Kong, I headed over to newly opened Ippudo London in Central St. Giles with Hannah and Sarah in tow for somewhat of a goodbye over lots of food last week and here's what I thought.

What We Ordered:

  • Hirata® Buns
  • Hirata® Samurai Chicken Wings
  • Tori Kara-Age
  • Ebi-Pan
  • Akamaru Modern ramen

Ippudo London is the first European flagship of the world-renowned ramen emporium Ippudo.

With this in mind, I was especially excited to get stuck in to a bowl of broth and ramen to combat the October chill - and that it did. We arrived and were told there would be a 30 minute to an hour wait, which with Covent Garden just a stone's throw away, we were okay with. It's worth noting that we didn't actually end up waiting that period of time and were called over just 20 minutes later. Greeted by a super friendly team who were unfailingly helpful, we ordered and chatted away.

To start, Hannah and I shared the Hirata Samurai chicken wings which were supersized and oh so good. I really, really recommend these: covered in a sticky, sweet teriyaki sauce with a kick, the meat was tender and flavourful. We also shared a portion of their Hirata pork buns which was also good but nothing special compared to the ones I had at Flesh & Buns. Sarah opted for a Ebi-Pan, some tiger prawn toast, which looked insanely good.

For mains, Sarah opted for Tori Kara-Age chicken thighs which looked next-level good. You can't beat fried chicken right? Hannah and I were food twins as always, opting for Akamaru Modern ramen, a heady combination of their original pork broth, homemade thin noodes, pork belly chashu, beansprouts, sesame kikurage mushrooms, spring onions and garlic oil, with a seasoned boiled egg. I would definitely place this in my Top 3 ramen meals in London. Maybe even top 2. The noodles were just right, toppings en pointe and the broth was full of flavour, light yet filling and warming.


  1. Your blog makes me sooo hungry all the time!
    I've been away from blogging for so long, can't wait to sit and have a read through all your recent posts <3 xx

  2. Looks yummy! Me and Kbel went to Kanada-ya across the road which was amazing also. I'll have to give Ippudo a try next. Ramen is definitely the best comfort food!

  3. Still can't believe you've gone waaaah!

  4. This looks amazing – making me so hungry at 2am. Since this is your second ramen place, what's been ranked first?

    Thuy xx

  5. Oh my goodness I can't stop thinking about this food. SO good! xxx

  6. Haha, it makes me hungry too when I come back to reply to comments ;) aw Jen - too lovely, hope you enjoy! x

  7. I wanted to try Kanada-ya too but it was so small and the queue was epically long. Maybe when/if I come back ;)

  8. My number one is currently Shoryu!

  9. I want more food! All the food! Kamikaze!~

  10. It seems to be on everyone's list! Must go soon then. Thanks for the recommednation xx


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