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Continuing my Taylor Swift takeover with a post paying homage to 'The Lucky One'.
While Queen Swift is busy reigning the lands and conquering with '1989' - you should all read her Rolling Stone cover story at the very least - I'm continuing my Taylor Swift takeover on Daisybutter with inspiration from The Lucky One. Now hear me out on this one because by my own research methods, it isn't as favoured amongst its' 'Red' album counterparts.

Few people know this teeny and irrelevant fact about me but I'm a quiet wanderlust, forever an underdog and I very, very often feel invisible. An introvert through and through, this often works in my favour and I honestly enjoy nothing more than my own company, a book and my own thoughts. In the midst of last year though, something just clicked and nothing felt right anymore. I felt restless at home, uneasy at work in London, frankly exhausted when travelling to and from either one... It wasn't right. I found that I craved spurts of newness, things that felt reckless and, more than anything, adrenaline-giving change. So I left London, I left freelancing and I completely changed my lifestyle.

In 'The Lucky One' - and actually also in 'Welcome to New York' - Taylor writes about questioning the preempted thought that she's oh-so-lucky for being a starlet and, in the latter, of the refreshing feeling of starting anew in a city where everybody is searching for something new, something more, something they hadn't done before.

It's probably a little premature for this, but Hong Kong really feels like home. "The lights are so blind but they never blind me." Fo'realz. I adore waking up to the busy city sounds, so different to those in London. I love wandering downstairs and being greeted by the cute doorman who's trying to learn English despite the fact that I speak fluent Cantonese (I'm his only British resident). The MTR means I have plenty of #CommuterChronicles to share on Twitter. I seriously love that this city is full of new sounds, tastes and smells. I adore the convenience and sheer novelty of how small things can be here (more later). Things don't shut at 6pm; just sayin'. My commute costs me 92p. I could go on...

I'm new to town with my Chinese name, in the harbour city, chasing fortune and something new. It's the most unexpected thing I've ever done and I still find it hard to comprehend that this is home at times. I'm so never-endingly lucky to be able to do this. It's crazy. I never felt like I really belonged in the UK, I felt very flighty, very closed-off and drained all the time unless I was in my own house, with family or with a best friend.

How do you relate to 'The Lucky One'?


  1. Ah thank you so much Rae. Felt really hesitant about posting this one actually, even though I've definitely covered meatier topics before. I just never that London was for me and in the industry I want to pursue, it kinda had to be that way.

  2. Loved this post. Even though I've only visited London rather than living there, I often heard stories of how suffocated people felt commuting in everyday. The daily grind sounded pretty unbearable and I don't think i could have lasted it out for too long. As a fellow introvert, its lovely hearing you've found somewhere where you feel more 'at home' :)

    Lizzy from Nomad Notebook

  3. I'm so glad you're finding where home is for you! I've only discovered you blog not long ago and loved reading this post. Especially when I've experienced trying to find where my home is too as I've been going back and forth from UK-HK. But totally agree how amazing HK is compared to London!
    Good luck with your adventures in HK, and can't wait to read more on your blog!
    TiffanyC x

  4. Ah thanks Lizzy! I only visited and worked there too, I 100% couldn't fathom living there. I feel much more content now despite HK being even busier!

  5. Ah thanks Tiffany! <3 I can imagine I'll feel like you soon then (: shall have to have a read of your blog seeing as we seem to have similar backgrounds/situations!


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