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A little Sunday chatter.
one. Happy Sunday y’all! Although depending on which time zone you’re in, this might just be a tantalising teaser for your Saturday night. Been counting down the minutes until I could justify planking for nearly 24 hours since, er, last Sunday. City life is draining! Speaking of time zones, ladies and gents, please comment below and tell me a) what time you typically get down to some blog reading, and b) where you’re based. Oh hey teething problems from HK.

two. This weekend I visited Macau for the first time ever! Went with one of my aunties from Malaysia, her husband and my cousin and it was pretty fun. This week is always a busy one for the Chai’s – my Granny’s birthday, uncle’s birthday and my parents’ (25th!) wedding anniversary. Macau was super dreamy, we had the best weather and got to pretend to be in Boys Over Flowers! It was so good to see my family too – historically I hardly ever get to see my Dad’s side of the family because we used to live so far away. Hoping I get to fly over next year so I can see everyone properly and laugh at which clothes I left in my room when I was last there 5 years ago!

three. I’ve been on the most ridiculous jaunt looking for a decent Christmas tree. I’m such a Christmas aficionado that it needs to be just-right and I still haven’t found it, nor have I decided on a colour scheme. Woe is me. Ended up giving up and going to my cousin's apartment to play with his tiny toy poodle puppy. Must put my elf hat on and do better.

four. We got free gelato at work the other day! Rendered my Tuesday the best day ever. We can just pretend the ice-cold gelato cancels out the ice-cold air con that threatens daily to wipe out the Mish species. It’s an epidemic and I need to go jumper shopping, k?

five. Finally, a little apology for how out of sorts my blog content has been lately. Trying to work out how to ‘do’ this time difference, learn the ropes at work, stop ruining my life (still) and get the time to write up the 24+ post titles I have noted down – how about you?!


  1. Free gelato? And on a Tuesday? Perfect pick me up for potentially the worst day of the week!

    Annabel ♥
    Mascara & Maltesers

  2. I typically read blogs in the evening (UK time), but moving in 2 days to Aus so everything will be messed up my end too! Macau sounds great- one of my best friends really loves it there and I've heard good things! Free gelato= win.

    Lizzy from Nomad Notebook

  3. I am checking my bloglovin feed all day everyday haha, but most reliably in the morning or late at night (GMT +10)! Sounds like you got to have some fun with the family, I've never been to Macau.

  4. Such a good perk to the working week! And it was Hong Kong milk tea flavour - even better!

  5. Eeek - all the best for your move Lizzy! <3 Macau was so much fun, I didn't get to spend long there but next time I'm def meeting up with my friends that live there!

  6. Oh gosh ;) I think I'm going to stick with 7am GMT+8 and be done with it!

  7. Wahhh free ice cream at work! I want too! :P
    And I'm glad you had fun at Macau, I can't
    wait to see possible pictures of it? Xx

  8. SO darn good! Of course I'll be sharing photos ;) Trying to sift through them all now!


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