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Another installment from my Taylor Swift takeover series. On not growing up even though we’re supposed to be. (Photo: Michelle, aged 3. Sailormoon game is so strong.)
Packing a juice box in your schoolbag (handbag for work). Going ahead and telling the barista that yes, you would like whipped cream, marshmallows and sprinkles on your Wednesday afternoon hot chocolate. Keeping VHS tapes in your TV unit because even though they’re chunky chunky monkeys, they remind you of harder times when you had to awkwardly rewind for, like, 15 minutes before watching Peter Pan again. Remembering that atlas book fascination you had when you were 7 and consequently wishing to deck all your rooms with maps.

Biff & Chip – need I say more?! Wishing you could wear sundresses and ankle socks with T-bar shoes. Taking Polly Pocket compacts with you to any occasion that was outside your house – nearly as good as NARS, if not better. Sitting on Dad’s shoulders at the beach because British seasides = hurty feet. Blush Art. Continuing to choose swings at the lakes over sophisticated cocktails at bars for date nights.

What are your favourite childhood memories that you can still kinda relate to?

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