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On feeling blog inadequate once in a while and how to combat that.
This topic has resided in my ideas list for more months that I anticipated. I'm worried even whilst writing it now.

In a media-centric world and community where everything is in abundance and it is 97.5% sugar coated, ready for sharing on every social media channel, I wanted to chat about feeling blog-inadequate. Because I do, some of my best blogging friends do, and you probably do too.

I started Daisybutter in 2010. Before this, I shared outfit photos and style posts on Soompi and before that I had like 3 MySpace accounts. If I'm frank and honest, I found it difficult to open up and make friends while I was at school and this odd sharing culture that resided in the depths of the Internet became my safety net. Let me sound like an old biddy for just one moment and recount that when I started this blog, I didn't even know that the "public" could find it. I thought it was an invite-your-pals-along thing, just like MySpace. (I miss that old horse.) Never in my wildest dreams did I imagine it would lead to collaborating with some of my favourite brands and brands that I'd admired from afar, or that national print magazines would invite me to award ceremonies(?!) or that the community itself would catalyse completely and become a very sought after medium of its' own.

I often sit down to catch up with my hefty following list and feel overwhelmed at what else is out there. While I prefer to plan my own content before getting down to reading, I'm always completely transfixed and inspired at just how much original, cool, captivating content is in the blogosphere. I sit and wonder why my comments count has spiralled downwards yet visits are up, I consider shimmying beauty content into my blog before realising I'm crap at it. Then I open my emails and read my comments and I'm overwhelmed again at how bloody cool you guys are. Like srsly.

Feeling blog-inadequate is one of those things that you kinda just have to go with. Squish it in the back of your head because bloggers and blogs are exactly as successful as they are because every single one is different. Yes, there might be a thousand matt plum lipstick and bronze eye tutorials floating around, but every one is slightly different, tweaked for a different individual. There's plenty of us to go around. I've realised that while I might not be everyone's go-to for one thing, maybe I'm better at something else.

My point is that if you're feeling less than chipper about your Internet spot, take a quick breather and don't fret. Meltdown over, I'm much more happy about DB becoming a little daily accompaniment to my life. Like really, if I do something, it'll probably be on here, if I try a new restaurant, it'll be here too, and if I buy something new, (I'm working on this one) it'll mayhaps sprout up in an outfit post. Don't sweat it.


  1. I totally agree with you. Blogging is a hobby and should always be a hobby.

  2. My blog is a baby blog when compared to the biggest ones out there, sometimes I feel bad about it but then I remember I'm mostly here because I like the process and the community!

    P.S. Listening to Taylor Swift's new album, thought of you :p

  3. Loved this post Michelle and I completely agree with what you said and it's definitely something I have felt myself before too! In fact I wrote a post about it yesterday myself! I think when you've been blogging for years it can sometimes get overwhelming! Hope you're enjoying HK! :) x

  4. Blog-inadequate is a very fitting term but I'm comfortable with having a little space on the internet that I can add to and sometimes neglect a little without the pressure/worries of a lot of the bigger/full-time bloggers I see having spouts of post writing pickles. It might feel inadequate floating around in a world full of successful blogs but if I like it then that's what matters!

  5. It's absolutely crazy to think about how big the community has grown! I remember reading blogs in...2008 probably and it's just changed so much since then. It's astonishing to see bloggers like Zoella becoming superstars in their own right - who'd have thought it! I think your blog will always stand out because you write with your own unique voice (which is totally instantly recognisable!). xxx

  6. It's scary how quickly this internet thing has snowballed. I miss my MySpace days (sometimes)! x

  7. I'm glad that you didn't feel too blog-inadequate and stop blogging, if that happened I wouldn't have found your blog and let me tell you I love reading your posts. Whenever you put one up, I'm there (now I think I sound like a blog-stalker . . .)

    'Til next time ;b

  8. Hi. Thanks so much for this post! Being active again since Aug, obviously been beating myself up wondering how I can better my content, blog's look and feel and obviously the traffic and awareness of my blog. Seems a lot to handle on my own managing all social media sites, content, taking my own pics etc... wonder how those successful bloggers out there are able to get where they are and so much more .....But truth is I need to maintain " soul" to my blog and know I am putting my true self out there for the world to know. Your post certainly was a good pick me up at the right time.
    Simone xoxo ( Simone - Your Style Architect)

  9. I've been on/off having a bit of a blog existential crisis about whether I need to tailor my content to fit in with the blogsphere - I don't think it helps when the whole blog/Youtube thing has exploded in the public eye this year - so, I'm really grateful that I read this today ^_^ Xx


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