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On daily make-up with my guest editor Jane.
Disclaimer: I am the Jon Snow of makeup (I know nothing). These products are what I'm currently using (for everyday and most other occasions). I don't usually wear all these things at once - it depends on how much time I've got left for breakfast. Here's how I prioritise:

#1 Moisturising with Cetaphil SPF 50+ if I'm going out during the day, or with La Roche-Posay Effaclar H if it's the evening.

#2 My eyebrows with NYX eyebrow cake powder. Am I committing a faux-pas by just doing my eyebrows and not the rest of my face? I don't know if filling my brows in makes much of a difference, but I feel like it makes my face work together better (if that even makes sense...).

#3 My face with Vichy Dermablend foundation and setting powder. My skin's not perfect, but I don't mind it, so this is second on my list. I started using this foundation when my skin was really really bad (really bad) and this is pretty much Photoshop in a bottle. Apparently the powder also makes the foundation waterproof, but I've not yet tested this. If I don't have obvious blemishes that day, I usually just skip this part, but I always do my face if I'm going to be drinking any amount of alcohol*.

#4 I only started wearing mascara last year, when I bought this Rimmel Extra Wow one. I like it, it's the most fun to put on but I don't wear it often because I have a tendency to rub my eyes when I'm tired (and I seem to be permanently sleep deprived) and that will obviously end in disaster.

*Two words: Asian. Flush.


  1. Ha oh the Asian flush. I've given up with wearing blush on days I might have a drink, and even then I don't drink very much because I just can't handle it any more! Gimme green tea and a soft drink any day.....haha!

  2. Haha, I feel you! I can't drink too much either, one and I'm tomato red.


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