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15 things you could and probably should do on Sundays.
  1. Download ChefTap and learn a new recipe (or at least plan to use one in the upcoming week).
  2. In a similar vein, download Moves and register just how little steps and movement you make on a Sunday. This point can be flipped to sound productive once you do your commute tomorrow!
  3. Send 5 happy messages to your best friends in the AM, as soon as you’ve woken up/finished reading this post/cuddling the cat. It’ll 100% put and keep a smile on your face for the day.
  4. Read my friend Sherelle’s food blog: Not Without Cake. It’s so darn good you might even leave the house to gather ingredients!
  5. Make an extra large cup of tea, grab like 5 bags of crisps and get back in bed.
  6. Awake early? Pull on a jumper, jeans, long boots and a jacket and go for a brisk walk.
  7. Take your grandparents for tea and cake. Sporadic thoughtfulness will always be appreciated.
  8. Fill up your ASOS basket and play ‘if I won the Lottery…’. Then write a blog post about all the things you want.
  9. Brainstorm blog post ideas. Write your blog name in the middle of an A4 sheet of paper, add buzzwords of what you wish your blog could be one day, and go from there! The beauty in your blog is that it’s yours and anything is possible.
  10. Watch Niomi Smart’s workout routine video. Whatta gal. Easily my current favourite YouTuber.
  11. Catch up on my Taylor Swift blog takeover.
  12. Swing open all the windows – I know it’s November – the fresh air will do you wonders.
  13. Make paper snowflakes and chains because it’s that time of the year.
  14. Clear out and refresh your phone. Delete any unused tabs on your browser, delete ‘those’ draft Tweets, erase old messages and numbers. Update the software and change up the theme and widgets. I LOVE Line Deco at the moment, fellow Android gals.
  15. Or… just get changed into fresh pyjamas and do nothing.
Read part one here, and my tips to improve Mondays here.


  1. Loved this post! Definitely inspired me xx

  2. Love this! I have found myself bored to death / going through the whole netflix library since I went back home. Why oh why is everything closed on a Sunday here?!

    - Elodie x

  3. Ahh I love this! Deffo going to do number 1! I also just realised I have not been following you on instagram - the horror!

  4. Love this! I have been super exhausted lately and need to embrace semi-productive but chilled Sundays! Love your friend's blog. x

  5. now that is what i call a plan :D

  6. You could also read Postsecret (which updates every Sunday) ... and attend a church service.

  7. Line Deco is amazing! Thanks for the recommendation.


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