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Round the back, 79 Highgate Road, London, NW5 1TL. Open Mon to Thurs: 7am-12am, Fri: 7am-1am, Sat: 9am-1am, Sun: 9am-11pm.
Not one to waiver my status as a Dream Team gal (a.k.a. blogger that must try every burger in London), I finally visited Dirty Burger with my colleagues on Wednesday. The kid brother of Pizza East and Chicken Shop, we were more than excited to get down and dirty in Kentish Town for a much-needed after-work bite. We even did an hourly countdown to the momentous occasion.

What We Ordered:
  • Dirty BBQ burger - for Darshika, Ellie and I
  • Dirty Bacon burger - for Brian, Ryan and Sophie
  • Crinkle cut fries
  • Onion fries

... You know how this one's going to go, right?

Hands down, Dirty Burger makes it into my London Burger Top Five. Situated in a little tin shed (I'm not lying) behind Pizza East, two benches and a communal table make up this once pop-up. As with all good burger places, the menu is short, sharp and sweet. We ordered a good mix of everything from super friendly waitstaff and settled on down.

The Dirty BBQ burger that I ordered was actually their weekly special. Full of pulled pork goodness, a double beef patty, oozing cheese, silver skin onions and your standard leafy bits, this was darn good. Like, seriously good. I could have easily eaten 3 if I wasn't already starting to get full. Sophie confirms that the Dirty Bacon was just as good - but er, pulled pork always trumps bacon in my books.

& Side Splitting Sides.
Onto the sides! I think at smaller burger joints, the sides make the meal. Dirty Burger's certainly didn't disappoint: the onion fries were out of this world good. Deep fried loops of red onion make for the perfect accompaniment to an elbow grease (greasy food term!) burger and their crinkle cut fries had a good balance of crunch and flavour.

(Then we went downstairs to Chicken Shop for a whole apple pie.)

Overall, I'd certainly head back to Dirty Burger for a late night bite. It's a good place for smaller groups and of course it makes a fun and messy food bonding experience. Pricing is pretty standard for a burger joint averaging between £6 (for a standard cheeseburger) and £9 (for their special). They also have branches in Vauxhall, Shoreditch and Whitechapel.


  1. I've been to the one in Whitechapel, loved the food and vibe!
    Hanh x | hanhabelle

  2. I've been to the Shoreditch one previously but stupidly didn't take my camera that time! The Kentish Town experience was even better though ;)

  3. Ok firstly, awesome pretty new blog layout Michelle ^_^
    I quickly checked their website and they got a veggie
    option! Yay! The place looks good and the onion fries
    sounds YUM! Xx

  4. Ahhh I absolutely love Dirty Burger, I agree that it has to be up there in the top! I've been to the Kentish Town and Vauxhall one and they were just both delicious. ughh, defintely wanting one now!

  5. Woah. I shouldn't have looked at this when I'm this hungry.

  6. I'm not too into burgers usually but these look great! I am actually looking forward to your food posts in HK Mish. Woo hoo. I think that's the one thing I didn't really do this year after my visit to HK, I just didn't really consider it even though I ate out all the time. Oh wells, there is always Instagram! Can't wait to see you this weekend x

  7. Thanks Mei! Oh yes I did see that too - plus breakfast burgers which sounded next levl good hahah.

  8. So darn good - ALL DAT CHEESE. It's best when the cheese is stuck to the paper.

  9. Haha sorry Jess! I should have put a disclaimer at the top to warn against hungry readers :P

  10. I'm such a burger fiend - need to cut down and/or join a gym ;) me too! I've begun a list of places I want to visit whilst over there actually. It's difficult as a BBC to find restaurant reviews if that makes sense? Eek me either, super excited to you ladies!

  11. I am DROOLING! Definitely looks dirty, in the best way possible hahaha.

  12. When the cheese sticks to the paper, it's gon' be a good burger!


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