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Sharing a big moment and glass of prosecco with Waitrose Cellar.
This time of year is my favourite to sit and reflect on the year thus far and get seriously excited for - well, I'll go ahead and say it - Christmas. When Waitrose Cellar asked me about my own Prosecco moment to share with my readers and to toast to an important moment, I got to thinking about how 2014 has shaped me as a person.

I guess "My Prosecco Moment" is hands down my imminent move to Hong Kong. Possibly the most important moment and biggest occasion of my life, this move was always somewhere on the horizon for me. Having been back twice a year for as long as I can remember, Hong Kong was and is my home away from home. I popped into London for dinner the other night and on my train ride home I sat and realised just how lucky I am.

In fact I'm the luckiest girl going. If this year has taught me anything, it's that every moment matters and things fall apart so that the really good stuff can fall in place. I've been on holiday with blog friends, I've been on holiday with friends I've known for over 10 years, I've fallen in love with best friends and then suddenly lost them. I've moved jobs and fell back in love with my non-London lifestyle. I met E and finally realised how 'sparkly' a relationship can be. I went on holiday at the end of the summer and somehow stumbled upon a seriously cool new job in my favourite country.

I want to toast to a crazy, impulsive and defining adventure in Hong Kong. Easily the biggest moment in a life where I once thought sandwich dilemmas at lunch were tough.


  1. This is a lovely post Michelle, I'm so excited for you and I really admire you for making such a massive decision (and move!) It sounds like you've had a pretty fabulous year and I'm sure it's only going to get better :)
    Love Holly xx

  2. Aaaw thanks Holly! It was easily the biggest and hardest decision I've ever made - going to pop a post up about it in due course. Once I've managed to calm everything down and get started with my packing! x

  3. cheers, to a fresh start, and a whole new adventure yay ;) x

  4. You're making it all work Michelle! Definitely a prosecco moment!

  5. .... how dare you mention the C word already!!
    Gah I'm so excited for you and your soon to be started living in HK adventure!

  6. this certainly is your prosecco moment - i'm virtually cheering to you for your adventures! this year has definitely been one of amazing things for you and I'm so happy that you're happy :) x

  7. Ah Miho - too lovely of you! Thanks for your super sweet comment!


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