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Today I'm turning the tables to you and letting you guys ask me any question you fancy. Well, within reason.

Whether it's what my favourite colour is, something about my upcoming move(!!), to see how my tortoises are doing or something deeper~* than that - although let's face it, your question is probably why are you dressed as a Gryffindor student when you're a Hufflepuff ;) - if there's a burning question you've got for me, let me know in the comments, Tweet me @winyeemichelle or even send it by email and I'll get 'em answered and posted in a blog postcard to you this time next week.


  1. @winyeemichelle Hiya Michelle it's Mei from Ice Pandora and here's my share for your Q&A: if you have a superpower what would it be and why?

  2. You guys look so cute in that photo! :b
    My question would be:
    Name someone who has influenced you and how? (Excluding friends and family)

  3. Loving those robes haha ;) Okay, when people move they often think about the things they're going to miss, but my question is what (if anything) are you glad to be getting away from when you move to HK?


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