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Bye England, I love ya.
I'm moving house and country today! And in true blogger style, I am sat in a fairly empty room, coffee in hand, penning a post instead of packing my MacBook away. I just wanted to write some thoughts down so I can read this back in a year's time and (probably) laugh at how stupid I was being what with the nerves and hashtag dramatic behaviour.

This month has been a whirlwind of leaving 'dos, exciting news from friends, emotional farewells and realising that I truly have some of the best friends and blogger pals around. Ain't nothing like the move of a lifetime to put things in perspective and weed out the good eggs from the bad. (I've learnt that I am a whole new level of bad-at-packing and my best friend actually drove 77 miles to come and pack for me.) I'm also something else in the hoarder stakes. I'm writing a post about the whole idea of minimalism and things I learnt while attempting to move, so maybe keep an eye out for that.

See you all on the other side for some shiny new content with a beautiful city backdrop -- and thank you SO much for every message you've all sent me. Ain't no life like the blog life.

- Michelle x


  1. Aww Michelle, I got a bit emotional reading this! A very close friend of mine is leaving for the states soon and we threw her a leaving party recently so I understand it sad to say goodbye!

    Bon voyage & safe travels xx

    Hanh x | hanhabelle

  2. I can hardly believe the day has finally come! It feels like so long ago when I first found out you were off, but at the same time those frantic messages only seem like yesterday. Have a safe flight and enjoy the last few hours of being on British soil. I'll come and find you in HK next year for sure!
    Big big love! xx

  3. Good luck with everything Michelle! You're going to rock HK, I just know it :) xx

  4. Good luck Michelle! I cannot wait for the HK inspired posts!



  5. Good luck Michelle! It will be an adjustment, I'm sure, but once you've settled in you'll wonder what you were worrying about. Enjoy the journey!

  6. I am so excited for you!!!

  7. I'm very excited for you Michelle, we all c:
    Have a safe and relief flight!!

  8. Good luck!!

  9. How exciting! That has come round so quickly! Good luck!

    Emma |


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