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Daisybutter - UK Fashion and Lifestyle Blog: Hong Kong interiors wishlist, IKEA, Indigo Living, Zara Home

So I'm sprucing up the Hong Kong division of Chez Daisybutter. And here's an obligatory wishlist.
I have to say: when I was younger, I envisioned moving out into a beautiful 5 bedroom Georgian apartment with a huge garden, that chic minimal clutter aesthetic throughout the house with a washed antique colour palette. And little did I imagine that the first time I properly left home, it’d be approximately 11,000 miles across the world to an apartment that we bought when I was -30 years old.

So I’m moving to Hong Kong in approximately 4 weeks and I have a pretty 2 bedroom apartment to spruce up, including an open living/dining area. In true blogger style, here are some standard and some seriously indulgent apartment essentials packed into a wishlist:

Fujifilm Instant Photo Printer - £139.99
While I actually have an Instax Mini 8 camera (read my review here), it's a fairly costly way of having the wrong exposure or subject snapped onto instant film. I'm super tempted to pick up one of these after seeing it several blogs: you simply attach it to your phone and you can print photos from there! Hello Instagram filters galore...

Francfranc ALA Sofa - HK$6500
Michelle becomes a grown-up, part one.

I've been hunting down the perfect sofa for absolutely ages. While this one is probably not the one I'll be ordering, I adore the clean details and intricate finishes. I definitely want a grey sofa and ideally it'll seat 2 or 3 and be a sofa bed too. Let the hunt continue...

IKEA Checked Throw - HK$199.9
To go with my new sofa, I've fallen in love with this simple checked throw from good ol' IKEA. Draped on the back and ideal for cosy nights in on my own, I'm excited to pick up a couple of throws actually.

IKEA Stockholm Sideboard - HK$3590
When a sideboard is on your wishlist, it's probably time to go home. This one is perfectly sleek with plenty of space to pop a TV on, display coffee table books to the side and keep all of my clutter hidden away too.

Zara Home Tealight Holders - HK$199
Tealight holders aren't exactly essential but my bedroom here at home is a candle haven, so I figured if I mimic the look, I'll feel less homesick. I adore this little white wood and glass one from Zara home and will probably add other textured silver ones for a decorative feel. I'm also already earmarking some form of circle tray for a Pinterest-worthy coffee table!


  1. Hattie Constance13 October 2014 at 08:35

    I love the sideboard, I was looking at a similar one yesterday in BoConcept. Project Rattlebag x

  2. Lovely picks! I love the tea light holders! x


  3. Aaah so excited to see what you do with the apartment. Decorating a new place is what I'm looking forward to most for moving out haha.

  4. Dude. I love how everything is already in HKD! I will have to come and visit your abode at some point then. I'm currently toying between coming back in May or November. We'll see. Anyway, I really want that Fuji Instax printer! Might have to pop it on my birthday wishlist :)

  5. That couch is love and I really am into decorating myself I just wish I had a new place to decorate. I saw the printer thing and was almost going to buy it but stopped myself but now I wish I hadn't and just splurged.

    Jackie | fashionxfairytale | bloglovin' |

  6. Thanks Hattie! I'm hoping it's easy to assemble as it'll be perfect for my humble abode.

  7. Me too, Jane ;) I'm sure it'll begin feeling chic and minimal... and end with me batch buying stupidly cute Sanrio goodies to scatter everywhere!

  8. Thanks Sophie! The little wood and glass one is amazing, right?!

  9. Haha I've already made the transition ;) Yes definitely Winnie, you would be more than welcome to stay at mine when you visit. I'm not as central as you but we'd have plenty to see and do down my end!

  10. It's gorgeous, right? I'm in LOVE with the feet of it. I might splurge on it before I go... or ask for it as a cheeky leaving present (:

  11. You know how I feel about that IKEA metal and glass range - it's just darling!

    And yes, that sofa definitely needs to be a sofa bed for when Elle Yeah comes to stay. (I realize referring to me as my blog name sounds a bit douchy, but I'm a sucker for a rhyme!)

    - Elodie x

  12. Aw yeah! I'm probably going to spray paint the black parts in a copper finish to match back with the lampshades we currently have!


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