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October Sundays are reserved for any combination of the mentioned.
1. Pick up that book on your bedside table that's been gathering dust.
2. Brew the perfect cup of tea. This chart shows you how you're supposed to.
3. Of course you need a snack...
4. ... So bake Anna's genius cookie recipe.
5. Browse Gem's beautiful autumn photography.
6. Maybe snap up one of Ella's illustrations?
7. Grab as many throws and blankets as you own and cosy on up.
8. Light some candles, keep the curtains drawn and soak up the autumn.
9. Snap up a pretty new jumper.
10. Clean those make-up brushes seeing as you're stuck indoors anyway.
11. Pin up your dream house on Pinterest.
12. Binge watch Louise's vlogs: so heartwarming, hilarious and addictive.
13. Save away recipes from Sophie's awesome food blog.
14. Fall in love with Taylor Swift via her Twitter feed, vlogs and Instagram. She's one of us at heart. (I will never stop including this!)
15. Fill out some squares in your 100 Stories Notebook.
16. Pick up your camera and challenge yourself to create a blog post about your home.
17. Paint your nails in Essie A List or Solemate.
18. Print out your Instagram snaps in Polaroid format and decorate a stretch of wall space.
19. Paint something.
20. Call up your Granny and have a chinwag.
21. Change your bedsheets and actually iron those pillowcases ;)
22. Comment on 5 blogs - you'll make the bloggers' days!
23. Go through your photo archives, scan some in and write some notes on them. A new blog post idea/series sorted.
24. Cook a roast from scratch.
25. ... Or just do nothing at all. Even the weather's telling you to do it.


  1. Such a lovely list Michelle, I definitely plan on doing a few of these today! x


  2. What a LOVELY list. I will 100% be eight-ing it up until February at the earliest. (P.S. dying over Sticker Stack!!)

    Jade | The Jade Aesthetic

  3. Sophie LovesFood13 October 2014 at 13:58

    Thanks for including me on your list Michelle :)... I'm definitely working on number 25 right now!!x

  4. Thanks Sophie - hope you a wonderful Sunday!

  5. Thanks man! I broke all of my own rules and went shopping... outdoors...

  6. Aw not a problem Sophie - you know I adore your recipe posts!

  7. Wonderful list! Will be referred to frequently this month I feel - it's been so wet so far! The bedsheets one is an especially good call - so lazy about that sort of thing! xx

    Tamsin / A Certain Adventure

  8. Thank you Tamsin! It's being consulted right now in fact ;)


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