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Checking in post-Hong Kong.
Honey I’m home! I’m home from my little break in Hong Kong, feeling happy and sad and glad to be squished in my cloud of a duvet. And I’m oh so jet lagged. So here comes a sporadic ‘let’s catch up’/post-summer (Sautumn?) post that I love to pen so much.

Hong Kong will always be a home away from home for me. While I was gone I only had sporadic Internet and the unplugging business that everyone talks about? It’s real and it works.

I feel so refreshed after this jaunt back. 10 days in late summer, full of Mid-Autumn Festival vibes, humidity from the city, heat radiating from the high rise buildings, awesome street food and plenty of shopping in all my favourite boutiques. Now that I’m back and fighting jet lag post 13-hour flight and 7-hour time zone difference, I realise just how lucky I am to have the lifestyle I do. That my parents went against every school rule and flew us to Hong Kong and Malaysia once a year. That I went to Chinese school every Sunday for 12 years. That my siblings and I were brought up in a fully multi-cultural family.

HK was a bit of a whirlwind - I saw family and caught up with my cousins, I got to explore my little home town and the city, I hung out with Winnie, spent an afternoon with one of my best friends Sharon who has just moved out there :’( and I even got to show Jade my end of town!

But I also missed my home-home comforts. Having three home towns (another in Malaysia, don’t forget!) is every bit as rewarding and strange as you’d think. It means you spend plenty of time torn between countries and people. I missed my bed! The bed in my bedroom in our Hong Kong apartment is made to fit that room a.k.a. too short for my long legs… I missed bubble baths. I missed being able to take a full breath of fresh air instead of a half-breath of smoggy air. I missed my boyfriend and I missed having daily plans.

This summer has been darn good.

But I’m kinda ready for a fresh September slate. (But definitely not to unpack...)


  1. So nice to see you meet up with some of
    the bloggers c: Can't wait to see post of
    that! Take a good rest and recover from
    your jet lag!

  2. Hong Kong sounds so exciting! It's been on my travel bucket-list for a while now. I'd have loved to just travel around and experience different cultures, let alone be brought up with them! Here's to fresh new September slates :)

  3. It was so good to see them - kinda surreal too as we usually just hang out at home or in London!

  4. I love it more every time I head back! (:

  5. Ah too sweet Miho! That must have been amazing (and hot). We used to go back at Christmas, Chinese New Year or Easter to catch our cousins on their school hols. But July/August is a no go now - so hot! Thanks so much for your lovely comment, I really am extra happy lately haha!

  6. Sounds like you had an amazing break - I was very jealous of all your Instagrammed food photos! x

  7. Looks like you had an amazing time away in HK! But I get what you mean about missing all the stuff back home. I would miss my bed like crazy too!

    Yazmin xx

  8. Sounds like you had a whole lot of fun over there. I feel that is a great experience, exploring different cultures at a young age. We are a big family of 7 so visiting HK is not a frequent and feasible idea. But I do love the vibe over there, the streets bustling with people and most of all the street food!! :D

  9. Thanks my dear! Plenty stashed away in the archives too ;) can't wait to see you after your China trip! x

  10. I really did! Last night's sleep was THE best since records began ;)

  11. I had the best time - it came at perfect timing to be honest. Wow 7! My Dad is one of 7 kids haha. The street food compares to no other, right?


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