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5 purses that leave you with money to put back into.
Besides luxury leather handbags, purses are my shopping kryptonite.

All of those compartments, little sections for different uses, compact sizes and cute details - they’ve got me good. I think I invest in two new purses per season (one long wallet and one smaller coin purse). And it’s about time I took you through five purses that leave you with money to pop back in there.

Topshop Saffiano Zip Pouch - £8 - This simple pouch means you can throw your money in without a second thought. While it makes my compartment-obsessed self cringe, I can see it being really handy for holidays or even for storing gadgets. Plus I just love the saffiano grain look.

And Other Stories Leather Wallet - £39 - A blogger accredited choice, this leather wallet from And Other Stories is chic and minimalistic. With plenty of space for notes, small change and cards, this is a great purse for ‘hey, I’m a grown up now’ shopping occasions.

YesStyle Bear-Charm Zip Wallet - £16.56 - YesStyle is often stuffed full of gems in their lifestyle section. I know for SURE that when I have my own apartment, I’ll be investing in plenty of their kawaii-kitsch homeware! This wallet is the ideal size for everyday use and the colours are so en pointe.

Accessorize Kiki Cat Card Wallet - £5 - A cat cardholder/Oyster card holder. Need I say more?! With the introduction of contactless cards, these are really handy to stock up on!

Mulberry Bow Silky Leather Double Coin Purse - £195 - I splurged on this a few months ago and absolutely adore it. While it is quite steep for a coin purse, it is certainly affordable on the luxury leather front and worth every penny. I have a full review of mine here but in a nutshell, it has a zipped coin purse side and a buttoned side with two card slips and some extra space for business cards and coffee receipts.


  1. They are all so lovely, especially the Mulberry! I've had my eye on the accessorise cat card holder for a while now - so cute! x


  2. Sam 'time chronicles'25 September 2014 at 14:58

    The Topshop pouch looks way more expensive than it is. Lovely choices. Just awaiting pay day now :)


  3. I love the Mulberry purse you purchased. The bow is too cute!

  4. I love love love & Other Stories ones <3

  5. Oh man I need that cat card wallet in my life (never mind the fact I bought a new Oyster card holder a few weeks ago...pshhhh) Xx

  6. Cat one!!!??? Yes!!! xxx

  7. I love love love that little cat card holder, it's so cute and would be super handy for train tickets and passes :) I've been searching for a new purse for a while but just can't seem to find the right one, the pink one looks really pretty.
    I just wanted to say thank you so much for the comment you left on my blog - I've always loved how much character your blog has and I'm super excited to keep up to date with your hong kong adventures ;)
    Love Holly xx

  8. That Mulberry purse is gorgeous! I am a massive fan of Radley purses, compartments galore!

    Maria xxx

  9. Thanks Sophie! The cat cardholder is far too cute - I nearly snapped one up at the weekend!

  10. Thanks Sam! I adore the TS pouch, would make a lovely iPod storage pouch or to stash keys in too (:

  11. Thanks Mei - I can never fault them for their bags and purses.

  12. You can never have too many ;)

  13. Thanks Holly!

    Aw you're more than welcome, thank you for the reply - I just popped over to have a read. Too sweet of you to say my blog has character, what a compliment! I'm super excited for the HK chapter of Daisyb.


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