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2014 on Daisybutter is shaping up to be fashion-filled with plenty in between. This year I wanted to expand my content and become more interactive with the community that lurks around these parts, so I'll be introducing some of my best-loved ladies to fill up the gaps of the blog. Today the oh so lovely Jane who blogs at Deluminators all the way in Australia brings her third installment to DB...


Hey, it's Jane from Deluminators again! Taking a break from those food posts for some thoughts on what I love - and don't love - about different types of trips I've been able to take over the past few years.

New York City / Amsterdam / Shanghai
The city explorer, involving:
- Landmarks, museums, galleries. So many landmarks, museums, galleries...
- Free walking tours;
- Learning the word for "sorry" in the main language for when you whack people with your backpack;
- Stressing over getting around a whole new transport system;
- Appreciating it anyway because it's better than the one back home;
- Spending way too much money on brunch;
- Bright lights at night;
- Loving tourist traps way more than you're supposed to;
- Disparaging over how many H&Ms and Zaras there are in the world;
- Going into every one of them anyway.

Whitehaven beach / Hamilton Island
The tropical island getaway, involving:
- Wondering why people pay money to lie on the beach somewhere far away, when you can just lie on your bed at home;
- Sunscreen;
- Sunburn;
- Only wearing one out of the three sets of swimsuits you brought along;
- Enjoying it despite previous cynicism;
- Returning home so relaxed that you can't sit in front of the computer without feeling dizzy.

South Island, New Zealand
The roadtrip, involving:
- Feeling very grown up about being able to hire a car;
- Buying maps you don't end up using because Navmans now exist;
- Plugging in the iPod and blasting swag music so you feel like you're in a car advertisment;
- Passing through or staying the night in small towns that look like the setting for a murder mystery;
- The feeling of freedom on an open road;
- Sleeping a lot, if you're that friend who doesn't drive;
- Being able to stop anywhere anytime, to climb through fences to walk on frozen ponds.

Is anyone feeling me here? What kind of trips do you like the best?

- Jane x (Read my last guest post for Daisybutter here.)


  1. I love New York! Such a well-written post.

    Emma x


  2. Thanks Sophie - SO worth the half-year wait!

  3. Thanks Hannah - I really like their small small leather at the moment!

  4. Thanks Caroline! It's such a classic, heritage brand, right?

  5. I wanted to make sure I didn't waste the birthday gift! ;)

  6. Thanks Stephanie! (Ps. Don't be jealous!)

  7. Thanks Carolyn - I'm glad I held out for this one. Their AW collections are always en pointe.

  8. Thank you so much Amy! Too kind of you - profesh luxury leather enthusiast ;)

  9. Aw thanks Stephanie! Miu Miu is on my list too ;) there's something really therapeutic about browsing wallets because of all their compartments and soft leathers!

  10. Thank you Lyndsay! Oh my - what the heck?! Hope you're okay lovely xx

  11. Thanks Jennie - they are just the BEST!

  12. She is SO walking your way Katy... ;) x

  13. I can't believe I still haven't been - Jane always leaves me with travel envy.

  14. Gosh Michelle, this is so pretty! Perfect little and pocket sized too :) Xx

  15. I LOVE a road trip. Like you said, the freedom to just stop anytime, anywhere. You never know what you might come across away from those touristy destinations. Plus, I am that non driver that gets to sleep a lot. :P

    Melanie | Melaniface



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