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Swing camisole, Topshop; Ripped knee Jamie jeans, Topshop; Clarks Susie Deva heeled sandals; Textured jacket, River Island; Stackable rings, ASOS; CĂ©line Trio.
Let it be here documented that I've finally bought my first ever pair of Topshop jeans. I know, it's fashion blogger sacrilege, right?

There's something insanely difficult and elusive yet alluring about Topshop denim. Like, everyone wears it but how do you even begin to get your head around the situation? I went in with force (and my sister in tow) and grabbed my usual size plus one up in the Joni, Leigh and Jamie. The Joni is a bit too legging-esque for me, the Leigh just not as wearable but the Jamie is just right. Baby Bear style.

I went for a dark grey wash with ripped knees because I hadn't quite got on that bandwagon yet. I'm in love. Actual, denim-washed, love. They're so comfy and flattering, and for once, the High Street gets it right for me length-wise. I'm quite petite at around 5"2 but I have long legs, hence petite style are too short and usually regular styles are a touch too long. But these are just right and even the rips sit properly!

Of course in true me style, a trip to Topshop isn't complete without randomly buying another swing camisole that I don't need. The grey-green hue just took me in though. I wore the two together at work yesterday with my Clarks Susie Deva's and a boxy jacket for a polished casual look. Simple and understated without deterring from my usual style. I'm also treading water back in the classic jewellery pool: this necklace is a white-gold diamond number from my Daddy, the white-gold charm bracelet from my Mama and a handful (... fingerful doesn't work right? Right...) of stackable rings from ASOS.


Hermit Mish is still recovering from one darn good and tiring weekend, but tonight I plan to push aside all plans to film and edit a video. You can subscribe to my baby YouTube channel here but of course I'll post it on my blog too (:



  1. This is great. I pretty much wear this outfit everyday!
    Becky x

  2. I actually only read the Man Repeller, which I think is brilliant. But thanks for sharing the rest, I'm definitely adding some to my regular reads!

  3. Michelle can you look anymore cuter? Camis look so lush on you! You're making me want to rush out and buy lots.

  4. Thank you Becky - such a simple outfit right? I wear this or similar to work on most days!

  5. Thanks Sophie! I didn't get on with the Leigh's but am already looking for another pair of Jamie's to add to the collection!

  6. D'aw Sophie! You so should ;) hope I get to see you soon!

  7. I'm way behind on the Topshop Jeans, I've never owned a pair! You look really nice Michelle :)
    Amy x

  8. That's what I felt too - so worth the hassle of trying on hundreds of pairs though. I love my Jamie's!

  9. Really pretty look, you look great! Loving those jeans! I want a pair!

  10. Aw thank you so much Sarah!

  11. lovely chic look! i didn't know you had a youtube channel - look forward to your videos :) x

  12. Aw thank you Miho! I do indeed - it's currently in hibernation but I'm hoping to get filming at any opportunity!


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