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Tomodachi Life. Available on the Nintendo UK Online Store and eShop. Out now!
Well hello! And welcome to my last Tomadachi Life diary installment. I've made SO much progress on the game over the last week or so and it's honestly become an integral part of my day-to-day schedule now.

Now that I've married up to a Mii and I can flit between my original apartment as well as my marital home (lololol), the Island feels complete. I can shop for food, clothes, hats and interiors, visit the cafe, fountain, concert hall and other places. But my main priority that I touched upon last week was to cement some other friendships and relationships on the Island.

Hilariously, I made a Taeyang Mii in the hopes of pairing him with my sister's Mii and they are now very much in love. I literally love how accurate the personality trait balancer makes the relationships: Louise is a stubborn, determined character while Taeyang is an easy-going optimist, making their relationship card all over the place. The two of them are very much in love but the game keeps telling me that Louise needs to "work hard" haha.

I popped round to one of my best friends' houses the other night and we made him a Mii. It's actually kinda fun making Miis with each other and seeing how your Mii's personality traits match up! (FYI, it's been like 4 days and he still has no virtual friends!) Kinda funny to see how they interact in the game too - ours are almost complete mirrors of real life!

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