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Floral Knockout headphones by Skullcandy.
Something I rarely talk about on my blog is music, which is weird considering I spend at least 85.82% of my life plugged in to my iPod. I think music is an odd one, personal yet able to unite thousands at once. For example, as much as I love music, I've never once been to a music festival and spend the other 14.28% of my time nervously anticipating concert and tour announcements.

Skullcandy's newest collections offers up headphone and earphone choices to perfectly match your style and your way. When the team asked if I'd like to share a pair on DB, of course I jumped at the chance. (Disclaimer: I was sent these!) These Floral Knockout ones are insanely cute. I adore the high shine gold tone, the tan covers and vintage floral print. I think I got over florals ages and ages ago, but these are so nostalgic for me and remind me of being Sweet Sixteen 17. They're fully adjustable and have the cutest logo imprints on the ear pieces.

Soundwise? Hm. Not great. If you're after noise-cancelling wear, then these are not for you. These headphones are my perfect accompaniment to summer evenings spent by the lake with a book in hand. They offer a good sound with plenty of depth and so are good for home use or solitary use. I probably wouldn't wear them on the Tube, let's say!

And for those who are curious about my July playlist, here you go:

BEAST - Good Luck
Ed Sheeran - Photograph
BEAST - No More
San.E and Raina - A Midsummer's Night Daydream
Taeyang - Eyes, Nose, Lips
BEAST - History
Owl City - Beautiful Times
Ed Sheeran - One
Taylor Swift - Superman
INFINITE - Memories
SNSD - Goodbye
Apink BnN - My Darling


  1. These are so pretty, shame about the noise cancelling though as that is my main priority with headphones. Xx

  2. Love the floral design, so pretty! I do need some headphones - been debating on the Dr Dre Beats ones...I tend to connect my iPhone to my car so I have music whenever I'm driving around but would be good to have something decent for when I'm out and about in general :) x

    Sarah @ xx

  3. Me too! I have a pair of Beats for our digital grand piano but these ones fare okay for at-home use and chilling out with. (:

  4. Thanks Sophie! I'm completely obsessed with it - such a good summer drives album!

  5. They're so pretty! I've never had great sound with Skullcandy's but they're not too bad for at-home/garden use.

  6. Lovely pair! They are so cute, I love this style of head phones. I opted to get the not so cute but functional Audio-technica set.
    Carolyn | BLOG

  7. How cute! They look amazing! x


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