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On old school blogging, date nights and the summer.
Happy Wednesday! It feels like it's been forever since I sat down and bashed out a sneaky evening post. Sometimes I really miss coming home from Uni, opening up my laptop in my box of a bedroom in halls and cobbling new posts together. LIFE EH. I miss having spare time to play with and Niran's recent article really resonated with me. Time to re-calibrate and find some balance again.

Having said that, this summer is probably the best I've had in years. I'm not much of a summer girl usually but I'm really lapping this year's up. Work is super busy which means the blog hasn't taken a bit of a backseat but I promise I've been tapping away at my MacBook lately: I have 74 draft posts waiting!

This time last week I went on a perfect little date night at an open air cinema. E took me to see Back To The Future - an absolute classic, non? - at Highfield Park in St. Alban's, a short drive from our hometown. He even booked us premium tickets so I got to take two Benefit Cosmetics goodie bags home! Beers, popcorn, ice-cream, a serene setting and the stars - perfect. If you're looking for a fun date idea, we certainly recommend having a look at the Luna Cinema for something showing near you!


PS. A blog I'm loving at the moment is shasummerwine. penned by Sharon. (:


  1. Everything gets better with a Benefit goodie bag :)

    Glad to hear you've had a great summer, I feel the same way!

    xx Alyson
    Beauty Vanity

  2. Yes they certainly do! Thanks Alyson - glad to hear yours is going good too!

  3. Oh this sounds like the loveliest way to spend a summer evening! Glad to hear your summer's been good :)

  4. Your date sounds so wonderful. E must be amazing! So sweet. It's good to hear (read?) that you have been enjoying your summer season. I definitely have as well. This is summer is my penultimate before I won't have one EVER.
    Carolyn | BLOG

  5. It was a lovely evening! Haha, I think he is too (: to be honest, I historically have awful summers so this one is a literal breath of fresh air. I wish I could still have "proper" summers but slotting everything around work is working out fine too!

  6. Michelle, you made my day! I was reading through the post and on to the ps note and I was like, oh, there's another blog with exactly the same name as mine? How can it be?! Haha. Thank you so much, I appreciate it! I love your blog too :) x

  7. Aw you're more than welcome Sharon!


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