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Getting deep on DB: if you could keep only one memory, what would it be?
Mine would be any Monday of my childhood. Before I realised - or picked up - that Mondays weren’t “supposed to be good”. Mondays signified my Dad’s singular day off from work in the week and I never want to forget the feeling of coming home from school and seeing Dad at home in his casual gear. Oftentimes with our pool table set up and with my little brother playing dragons and dungeons underneath it, then I’d sit underneath with a borrowed book from the school library or make Dad let me sit ON the pool table until Mum called us all for dinner.

Oh late Monday afternoon and evening nostalgia, before everyone told me not to enjoy Mondays. That’s the memory I’d never want to lose.

How about you?


  1. What a lovely post Michelle, i love you memory. I've been sat here for 10 minutes trying to think of one memory I'd like to keep but I'm not sure. Definitely childhood related, maybe something with my nana & grandad. I'm going be thinking about it all day! x

  2. This is a beautiful post and memory.
    I would definitely keep one of the memories of when I first met and fell in love with my partner.

  3. Such a lovely memory Michelle!

    Mine is walking down some cobbled stones that were shimmery with water as it had just rained. The sun had just come out and shone so brightly that everything was sparkling. I was on a green with my mum and we both agreed at the time that we would remember that moment forever! I was quite young so kept saying "can we remember the blue sky, and that dog and the green grass, and that man...!" x


  4. Awww how lovely & such a beautiful memory Michelle, loved reading this :)

    Its definitely gotten me thinking about so many fond memories during my childhood, one that springs to mind are Summer weekend afternoons. We had one of those old fashioned hatches in the wall, from the kitchen in to the living room, & my dad would get behind it & pretend to be the ice cream van man (he had a special hat & all!) & make us all ice cream sundaes, before we'd settle down and watch Disney movies for the rest of the day, BEST. TIME. EVER :)

    Aysh xox

  5. That's a lovely memory c: Not all Mondays are bad really! Xx


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